A Reflection on Black Virgins

Intentionally  hundreds of icons of Mary have black faces and hands.  In France they are called "Vierge Noires" or Black Virgins. In other countries they are called Black Madonnas.  Some call her "the other Mary". Jung said she is Isis whilst others consider her to be the iconic remains of prehistoric Mother Earth worship.  She is linked with Cybele/Demeter, Diana/Artemis, Isis and Venus/Aphrodite. Cross-culturally she is associated with Kali, Inanna & Lilith. Historically she has ties to the Crusades and the Moorish occupation of Spain, to the Conquistadors, who brought her to the New World and to the Merovingians and Knight Templars. For modern psychologists she is said to express the archetype of the Dark Feminine. In other words, She represents our individual subconscious in which all the experiences, qualities and distortions of past incarnations are kept, engrained and hidden. They are until such  time when the bells of “salvation” reverberate in one's Psyche and the time for transformation appears in one's life. The feminine Principle, like Marie Magdalene, manifests in consciousness and like the essence that she represents, follows the guidance of the Inner Voice... the real Master, or the Cosmic Christ within…

Black Virgin of Rocamadour

The Black Virgin of Rocamadour, France  

Whoever the enigmatic Black Virgin may be, she holds a powerful attraction for her millions of devotees around the world.  Her sacred sites stand on highly charged earth energy centres, enhanced by megalithic ley-lines and sacred architecture.  From ancient times to the present, people have undertaken pilgrimages to her shrines as a way to explore her mysteries and to enable her to do her miraculous work of healing, transformation and inspiration.  France has more than 300 Black Virgin places of worship and over 150 Black Virgin statues still in existence.  

What does the Black Virgin represent?

In the context of esoteric tradition, she represents a collection of all the Feminine Qualities that are hidden but ready to express through an individual. This kind of energy has the qualities of Demeter, Aphrodite, Isis, Marie Magdalena and so on, all in one. Thus, she corresponds to the powers of transformation in each one of us. The hidden part of Nature's characteristics. These different qualities reflect through the mirror of the PSYCHE. In other words the Black Virgin represents the AWAKENING SPIRITUAL PROCESS OF NATURE.  

Rublev Black Madonna
A Symbolic Icon  of the Black Virgin
painted by St Andre Rublev

The meaning of this important feminine symbol becomes obvious and we can relate and understand her power intuitively when the "inner energies" unfold their varied characteristics allowing the possibility to become more intuitive and transforming grosser feelings and mental processes to more refined and spiritual ones. The unfolding of these qualities, are inherent in the Soul. As for the location of these venerated icons and statues, we should examine the places where they are found. The Black Virgins are usually placed in strategic ley-line paths and points where the earth’s power radiates its most potent energies.  Each one of these power points has a unique quality that affects the subtle bodies of pilgrims. These specific energies of the earth penetrate and are activated in their subtle bodies, thus harmonizing the chakras of the earth with that of prepared and sensitive pilgrims.

Hence, the Black Virgins represent the process of inner TRANSFORMATION. The transformation and changes that take place in an individual. Transmuting his/her limited human  nature to an unlimited and ever growing Spiritual one. The Black Virgin can be seen as the awakener who manifest and brings to life the hidden qualities within each one of us. This means that a completely new level of understanding of” being” in the world occurs. However, from my personal experience, I can say that those hidden spiritual qualities are part of  past spiritual experiences, an inheritance that comes from past incarnations. 

Black Madonna 

If one believes or has his/her own proof of the existence of past incarnations, one should concentrate and focus on the inherited and attuned qualities... and follow the trails, find the connections that guide to their source. In this source, one finds different qualities coexisting within our Psyche... they send their impulses and energies as well as their varied tendencies through the impressions, preferences and moods that we have in this one. These impulses and intuitions help us continue on our quest, a quest that never ends. It is the Soul’s mission that does not belong to just one individual, but to all the different soul personalities that have lived and are still living in us… and through us. What does this means? It simply means that nothing is lost... and we reap now what we sowed in the past... The reason for this quest is to awaken Consciousness. Awaken consciousness to its true Essence...beyond the masks of past incarnations…and reach the bottomless source where lies pure Being. Beingness, is the source of all the manifestations of creation. The Black Virgin unfolds Beingness through a secret  process that unveils and unravels the mysteries of all our past and future incarnations. Symbolically, we could say that she represents the “sign” of our Redemption.  

The Black Madonna of Brazil

After reading this message on the "Black Virgin", a friend from Brazil send me the following picture and article. 
The Brazilian legend of the Black Madonna is very interesting. It reveals the power and impact that all Black Virgins and Madonnas have on the psyche. 

Black Madonna of Brazil

She says:
" In Brazil, in 1717, 3 fishermen found a Black Madonna in the Paraiba River in São Paulo - Our Lady Aparecida, patroness of Brazil, venerated today in the city which has her name. She is a small and beautiful black female figure supporting herself on a crescent moon. First her body was fished... then her head... and when she was made whole again, fish could be fished again in that river. Says the legend that when she was discovered, this tiny figure became extremely heavy, preventing the fisherman to take her away from that place. A small sentry-house was made for her there. Today there is a sanctuary city with Basilicas, numerous churches and the whole infra-structure of a city that has already welcomed the Pope, and which all year round receives pilgrims from the whole country in a great happy and colorful religious celebration.

In the Afro-Brazilian tradition, the Black Madonna is the Orixá Oxum, Great Mother, patroness of pregnancy and of babies, of the Rivers and of the Seas, of Gold, of Honey, of Laughter, of Beauty, of Seduction, of Shrewdness and Wisdom, the Supreme Ancestral Mother: Iyami-Akko. "     


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