We live our life in a world that we have created for ourselves… each one of us live in "his" or "her" little world… we dream our life away… and "think" that we are living in the "real" world… But there is no real world as such… we individually "dream our own world" and give it a meaning… The same law applies to our night dreams… We "live" conscious dream states and call them "vivid dreaming" or "lucid dreams" but what I wanted to clarify here is that we are not really the dreamers... we are not the creators of our dreams... it is only Being that is the dreamer... and the creator of our dreams... we are the observers of what is projected from the source of consciousness. This projection of consciousness we have been calling it "me" and "not me"…hence, dream psychology, dreamwork etc... are "inner teachings" received by the   consciousness of the dreamer. human consciousness is. which experiences our individual world and dreams are all creations of Consciousness. Therefore, we could say that the only dreamer is Consciousness. So Consciousness is the part that awakes itself through the "mirror" of the world of DUALITY… The "me" and "not me" syndrome… But for each one of us the concept of a "personal me" is so strong, that we say, "I dream." But the truth is that there is no "me" which can dream. Consciousness shows the way to the "me" to awake… So in this waking dream that is our world, as well as in our personal night dream, the real "dreamer" is only Consciousness. Hence, what we have been saying until here seems like a paradox, but it isn't since, the "me" is a projection of consciousness itself… therefore, if the creations in a dream are the products of the consciousness of a dreamer, then its objective and goal are directed to the separated part of consciousness that is in the "me"…

So, we understand that other than Consciousness, there is just nothing. The personal dream is created through the individual mind, which is the identified consciousness.

So what we are saying is that there are no personal dreams what happens during sleep is that consciousness takes over and creates whatever is necessary for his "other" limited part of consciousness, the part that has been projected in a vehicle called a human being to react and gradually awake to its true nature which is a "shadow" and projection of Cosmic Consciousness or the unique consciousness that pervades creation… Hence, we repeat, that in both the personal dreams of billions of human beings and this one that we live in this physical world of our everyday life are both a big "living dream" and, in the case of both, the "dreamer" is as we have said Consciousness… we are all "dreamed characters". The ego is a limited manifestation of consciousness it is the part of us that says "me" and "not me"…an illusion and distorted function of limited consciousness… The mistake or the illusion is that we usually think that WE ARE THE DREAMERS." But the truth is that we are not "dreamers," we are only dreamed characters.


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