Pictures of the Convento de Cristo (Convent of Christ)
Tomar - Portugal

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A drawing of the Kabbalistic inner court wall
This wall is so high that no ordinary camera can take a picture of it in its entirety

Tomar is a city in Portugal located 137km/85mi NE of Lisbon. Historic Tomar is intimately related to the fate of the notorious Order of the Knights Templar.

The castle of Tomar was built around 1160 on a strategic location, over a hill and near river Nab„o. It has an outer defensive wall and a citadel with a keep inside. The keep, a central tower of residential and defensive functions, was introduced in Portugal by the Templars, and the one in Tomar is among of the oldest in the country. Another novelty introduced in Portugal by the Templars are the round towers in the outer walls, which are more resistant to attacks than square towers. When the town was founded, most of its residents lived in houses located inside the protective outer walls of the castle.

The Templars first built a castle here in the late 12th century. By 1314, the Templars had amassed both great riches and many enemies and the Pope suppressed their power. King Dinis, however, allowed them to regroup their forces under the new aegis of the "Order of Christ." Henry the Navigator became the most famous of the grand masters, using much of their money to subsidize his explorations.

This year (2007) was my Eighth visit to the city of Tomar. Each one of my visits found me being bewitched by the Templar's lingering spirit impregnating the walls of this cloister. This special mystical place resonates with Primordial Hermetic Philosophy which is openly exposed on this exceptional wall in one of the inner courts of this cloister...these pictures explain the enfoldments of the whole mystery of incarnation...of reincarnation and reintegration...However, I will leave it to the discretion of my readers to venture and discover their spiritual teachings, so as not to spoil the adventure of their inner quest... If by any chance you are interested in Hermetic Symbology and Kabalistic philosophy of this kind, then when you are alone and free to take a closer look  at all these pictures, then treat yourself...take your time to meditate on their deep meaning...copy and paste them in a special notebook...and  then take some notes of your impressions.

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