Pictures of the Convento de Cristo (Convent of Christ)
Tomar - Portugal

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Photo 1

At the bottom of this first picture you can see a mystic (photo 3 details below) with eyes open looking at the visitor as an invitation to begin a journey within.... He is holding (photo 2) and at the same time is encircled by ropes and branches of a Tree whose trunk has been severed and cut off. (later on a different page we will have a closer look at the symbology of this mystic Templar) However, we can see for the moment that the trunk of this Tree has been replaced  by a rectangular window with 108 square lozenges. The window is being framed by the two branches of the same Tree; one branch is on the left side and the other one on the right side of the mystic. You can see ropes separating the wall into three sections, which remind us of ropes that ancient mariners used on their ships (the caravels) which sailed the dangerous and unknown oceans until the discovery of the Americas...  We can notice also, that the Tree trunk is not dead, since the two branches are alive and vegetation is growing on them... also, we notice that the mystic himself has become part of the roots and he is holding consciously the trunk and the branches of this Tree... This Tree represents the secret and sacred inner process of Kabbalistic and alchemical transformation...

Photo 2
Entangled in ropes and branches...stands the mystic...

looking straight at the visitor as an invitation to search and look within for the mystery of life...

As you must have guessed the whole wall represents the mystic himself...he is showing us the journey within which a sincere seeker has to unfold.... The wall itself unveils in front of us a sacred and secret Teaching... a hermetic and kabbalistic Knowledge that only the contemplative and mystic Templars understood and knew about. Moreover, if you look carefully at the back behind the mystic there is an incredible mystery unfolding ...Notice that the Trunk has suddenly been  severed...cut off...abruptly...Ask yourself why is that? As for the mystic himself why is he entangled in the roots of the Trunk?...it is as if the roots of this severed Trunk have their source and are nourished by the mystic himself...the roots of this sacred Tree is within the mystics own body...as for the severed Trunk,  we can see that it has been replaced by a large window...How strange you might say!... You'll find out later on the symbolic meaning... Another interesting detail which I should mention is the fact that all around the branches and the window hang many artichokes... Later on, you will also understand the symbolic meaning of the artichoke. A secret aspect of this initiated Templar is that he is showing us the Western Path of unfolding the "Short Path", in other words, the Western practice of  that parallels with the Eastern "Kundalini Yoga"... If you look carefully at the above picture you will notice that a "rope" is entwined and twisted around his throat and his chest/solar plexus region... this "rope" represents a psychic umbilical cord that is attached to his Higher Self...and represents his DESTINY...In other words this adept has received the inner CALL...he has no other choice than to follow his DESTINY....

Photo 3

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