Taking one or two deep breaths, release all your stress and worries and enjoy the relaxed feelings in your body and mind. Then slowly and calmly go through the following exercises, taking a minute or two for each step.

Buddha and meditation

  1. When you wake up in the morning, or at any time of the day, feel devotion to the source of power. (It could be the Buddha, Guru Rinpoche, the Cosmic Christ, your Perfect Model, or any other source of power.) Devotion wakes up your body and mind and makes them blossom. Devotion brings warmth, bliss, strength, and openness.

  2. Visualize and feel that your heart, the center of your body, is in the form of an amazing flower of light, blossoming in the warmth of devotion. As a result, from that devotional flower-heart arises your wisdom, compassion, and power, the enlightened qualities in the form of the source of power. The source of power, in the form of a light body with heat and bliss, rises up through the central channel a spacious channel made of clear and pure light of your body. Then the source of power adorns the stainless and limitless sky, as if thousands of suns have arisen as one body.

  3. Believe that the source of power is the embodiment of wisdom, compassion, and power of all the divinities and of the universal truth. Feel that your whole body and mind are filled with heat, bliss, and boundless energy by being in the presence of the source of power.

  4. Then see that the whole earth is filled with various beings. Their hearts are filled with devotion and their faces are blossoming with Joyful smiles. Their wide-open eyes are one-pointedly watching the source of power with wonder. Joining you, they are all expressing the power of their devotion in prayers, singing harmoniously with various resonances, like a great symphony. Sing the prayer with great celebration in which there are no limits or restrictions.

  5. Singing the prayers, imagine that the prayers have invoked the compassionate mind of the source of power. From the source of power, its wisdom, compassion, and power come toward you in the form of multiple beams of blessing lights of various colors (or streams of nectar). These beams of light touch every pore of your body. Feel the heat of their mere touch. Feel the blissful nature of the heat. And feel the power of the blissful heat.

  6. Then the beams of light enter your body. Visualize and feel that all your negative habits, mental ills, emotional conflicts, lack of fulfillment, fear, physical sicknesses, and circulation or energy blockages are in the form of darkness in your body. By the mere touch of the blessing light, all the darkness is completely dispelled, without any trace, from your body and mind. Your body is filled with amazing bright light, with the sensation of heat, bliss, and strength. Then see and feel that your whole body is transformed into a blessing light body. Feel that every cell of your body is transformed into the cells of blessing light with heat, bliss, and strength.

  7. Then think of a cell on your forehead (or any other place in your body). The cell is made of bright blessing light. It is vast and beautiful. Slowly, enter into the cell. It is limitless and boundless as the sky. Feel the vastness of the cell for a while.

  8. Then see and feel that your body is made of billions of the same kind of vast, beautiful, blissful cells. Each cell is adorned with the presence of the source of power. Be aware of the amazing display and energy of your miraculous body. All the cells are Meditations in love and harmony with each other. Feel the power of these billions of blissful cells in your body adorned by the sources of power.

  9. All the cells of the channels, organs, and muscles of your blessing light body are breathing. They are breathing heat and bliss openly and spontaneously like the waves of the ocean. Feel the waves of blissful movement. The waves caress, relax, and melt any place where we have hardness or rigidity, any fixations of unresolved emotions and unhealed wounds with their traces. Feel the energy aura. Feel the feeling. Be one with the feeling.

  10. Then you could sing om, ah, and hung, (or any other sacred mantra which is sacred to you) as the healing movement generates strength and openness in your cells, unite with them. You can sing your mantra loudly, softly, or silently in your mind.

  • As you repeatedly sing om (or your sacred mantra) slowly and continuously, be aware of how the waves of sound powerfully resonate in every cell, from your vocal cords through your whole body like the waves of the ocean. Delight in the feeling of power and strength, the qualities of the Buddha-body - Cosmic Christ or  your Perfect Model.

  • In the same way, singing ah, be aware of the opening, releasing, and blossoming energies, the qualities of the Buddha-speech.

  • Singing hung, be aware of merging yourself with the union of power and openness, which is the boundless power, the qualities of the Buddha-mind.  

  • In the same way, make a gesture of a blossoming flower at your heart. Holding the fists upward, unfold the fingers of your fist (one after another, starting with the little fingers) and open your hands and arms and be aware of the delightful feeling of opening, releasing, and blossoming, the qualities of the Buddha-speech.

  •  Make a contemplative gesture, placing your hands palms up in your lap, the right hand over the left hand, with the thumbs slightly touching, and be aware of merging yourself with the union of power and openness, which is the boundless power, the qualities of the Buddha-mind.

 11. You could see an amazingly vast aura of bright blessing light filled with energy power around your body. It is a protective aura that prevents any negative effects from coming in. It is also an aura of transmutation that transforms everything in the energy aura into blessing light, like snowflakes falling into warm water.

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