he Ego and Subjectivity

As seekers the first most important thing to realize is the fact that no one is a “doer” – but our interrelationships and conditioning say that we are the subjects and “doers” of everything... and this is why and how the ego begins from childhood to be conditioned in believing that it is the sole responsible of everything that happens to it... that it is a hero or a coward, an artist or a scientist or a nobody.... But these conditioning are based on mental and emotional forms and nothing more than that... The basis of this confusion is the perpetual and persistent feeling that it is the individual seeker - the ego who is responsible for the awakening process, when in reality it is the opposite that is true; in other words, the final awakening is not the achievement of the seeker ... because the seeker has to realize that what he seeks is within and not something “outside” of himself, when the seeker lives this truth... he begins to focus and concentrate on what goes on within...

The seeker becomes the observer... of “things” that happen in and around him... However, still there is a “seeker” seeking something within... the process has not ended... In other words, the apparent progress in becoming the observer of what goes on inside and around oneself becomes an obstruction because this apparent progress strengthen the sense of personal “doership”: (like too much work in spiritual psychology - to begin with spiritual psychology is a good thing... but after self analysis and self enquiring... something else has to shift... and happen) The way out, the gateway, is not something the individual seeker can find... The way out can only HAPPEN: and it has to do with the seeker’s inner “programming” which means that there is a sudden shift from objective seeing to subjective seeing – a sudden apperception that there never has been an ego-doer or a ‘me’ doing anything ... the first glimpse of this understanding arise when there is only an intellectual comprehension that no action is anything done by an individual entity, but a divine happening.... this can also be realized by the heart... or both together... however, it is when the honest investigation by the ego, reaches the intellectual understanding and conclusion that the ego with volition and all its desires and wishes is totally unnecessary for any action to happen, for life as we know it happens... this brings the ego to realize that in conclusion there is no individual “doership”...and from there on, the ego’s role changes....

So, in everyday life what happens to the ego that has realized that it is not the “doer” of anything.... is the realization that it is a functioning of Consciousness or (Soul – Higher Self) so that it can protect and interrelate in life... so, the ego come to realize of its own emptiness – which gives it a sense of freedom and a release from all kinds of metal and emotional blockage... the ego identifies completely with the body-mind mechanism, and reacts normally with a name... like “James” or “Alice”... The new experience of the “empty ego” becomes the protector of the Grail cup – the guardian of the sacred container in which pure Consciousness or the Holy Spirit descends... entering enfolding and then unfolding a pure sense of affectivity, empty of pride and arrogance, of guilt and shame, of jealousy and hate. When this transformation happens there is an imperceptible resonance with the Divine – and a radiation that impregnates whoever comes near such a person...

And to conclude:
A sage once said to a disciple: “Produce your ego and I shall smash it to bits before your very eyes”...

What this means is that what the seeker seeks is not an object, it cannot be seen in three dimensional form, since “enlightenment” or “awakening” is pure SUBJECTIVITY, the Impersonal, universal MIND or CONSCIOUSNESS functioning in each one of us, in a specific and unique “programming” (found in the psyche) totally devoid of the slightest touch of objectivity. In other words, what the seeker seeks is what HE ALREADY IS! what he has always been, and will be... To apperceive this profoundly is to awaken to what is known as “enlightenment”

So, I would say that my concept of the ego is that it is a functioning of Consciousness or Mind or Soul... the choice of wording is a personal one... therefore the ego is a necessity.... because to exist as an individual and function properly in the world, one has to live with others and interact with them... therefore one needs to develop an ego.... “A harmless ego”. However, for most people the ego is the “doer” or the subject doing things... and this conditioning of the ego is based on a Cosmic and Natural Law..... It is an illusion lived by the mass of sentient beings, because such is how the world functions... it is again a HAPPENING - a vivid dream lived by Consciousness ... acted by Consciousness... Witnessed by Consciousness Most people need to develop a strong ego to protect themselves from outer and inner perilous and unsafe worlds... so the ego becomes their guardian and their shield. But with divine Will something appears to shift in a few people, the inner process is reversed, and an honest seeking begins to manifest in their lives... and their egos begins to search and seek something beyond their comprehension... this is due because intuition knocks at the door of their intellect and their feelings and it send a clear message that something important is missing.... and as a result the “seeker” makes its appearance and even this “subpersonality” of the seeker or mystic is due to the functioning and the impulses received from their “inner programming” ( and a new way of using the software is discovered) and the ego learns to function differently... accepting that it is a functioning of Consciousness... linked to simply protect the body-mind of sentient beings.... So, Consciousness is the pure impersonal Subjectivity... and it needs an ego to function in the world of duality...


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