A Breathing Exercise

Breathe in deeply, exercising the entire power of the lungs, and without making any sound. Then, without holding the breath, exhale as gently and slowly as the breath was taken in, maintaining the same rhythm.

Rhythm has a good deal to do with the welfare and advancement of our physical, emotional, and spiritual life. Anything done in rhythm has a soothing and restful effect on the system; whereas, breaking of rhythm at once creates chaos and confusion. For that reason, the metronome of breathing should not be allowed to become disturbed. By breathing deeply and rhythmically we can get rid of many physical and mental disturbances.

The science of breathing has been studied and experimented upon very minutely by mystics and specially by the Hindu Yogis. They have gone so far as to find out different breathing exercises suitable for the success and right enjoyment of all our human activities. The five human organs of action, namely, speech, manipulation, locomotion, elimination and propagation can be effectively regulated and controlled by the practice of different kinds of breathing. 

 An Advanced Concentration and Breathing Exercise

'Sit comfortably in a comfortable position . Close the eyes and try to imagine that you are concentrating the mind in the opening of the right nostril and at the same time, become aware of "BEING PRESENT AND CONSCIOUS". 

Next, concentrate the mind at the inside corner of the right eye and become conscious and aware of the Presence within... the silent Witness.

 Next, try to concentrate your whole attention in the centre of the skull. Then to the back of the mouth just above the uvula. Then to the bottom of the throat. Then right down to the navel. And finally at a position two finger-breadths from the navel (which corresponds to your Solar Plexus). At each of these positions you are to become conscious of the invisible Presence  and be open and relaxed, just "observe" the silent Witness... but when you come to the last position (Solar Plexus region), you should keep on concentrating on being OPEN...PRESENT and CONSCIOUS. If you find that the mind wanders come straight back to the final position: do not go through all the positions again. From this you will learn much. If you have success you will be conscious of a pinpoint of light seen as if in the mind's eye.

(You can do this exercise once or twice a day for about ten minutes or a little more)

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