Breathing Exercise 2

 A Variation of the same Advanced Breathing Exercise

'Sit comfortably on your chair… Close the eyes and try to imagine that you are concentrating the mind in the opening of the right nostril. I want you to become conscious of your breathing… at that right spot… your right nostril…and become conscious of the PRESENCE WITHIN… the Observer of your own consciousness…

 Next, concentrate the mind at the inside corner of the right eye and become conscious of the Presence within… Observe yourself being conscious…

 Next, try to concentrate your whole attention in the center of the skull….

Then to the back of the mouth just above the uvula… 

- Then to the bottom of the throat… 

- Then right down to the navel….

 And finally at a position two finger- on top of your navel. At each of these positions you are to become conscious of being PRESENT and CONSCIOUS and AWARE of the moment… 

If you find that the mind wanders come straight back to the final position: do not go through all the positions again. From this you will learn much. If you have success you will be conscious of a pinpoint of light seen as if in the mind's eye.               


Now your awareness of the present moment is rising…. You are heightening your sensitivity and your intuition... Become once more conscious of your breathing… making a conscious effort to pay attention….  focus once more on your left nostril…on the out-breath going out… and on the in-breath coming in… (pause)

Now simply observe breathing... Inhale.... and Exhale…. Normally. Let go of every­thing else. As you breathe, become aware of what you are feeling at each moment; the physical sensations in your body, your belly, your diaphragm, your nostrils. This is cultivating mindfulness and alert presence of mind. Direct your attention to the process of breathing, and stay on that and that alone. 
Remember that each time the mind wanders, bring it back again to the breath. Watch the breath. Inhale. Exhale.

Pay attention. Observe clearly; see things just as they are. Clarify. Penetrate with insight. Stay with the breath, unifying and stabilizing your wandering mind. Concentrate all your energies on the breathing.

(About 3 to 5 minutes)


 releasing AND allowing

This third stage is the main part of the meditation. There is nothing left to do. Opening to effortlessness, you have arrived fully in the present moment. You are there, in non-judgmental, mirror-like awareness — choiceless awareness. You're not trying to get anywhere or do anything. You have arrived. You are present. You win.

This is the time to enjoy being there, totally, one with your­self and the world, in harmony with your surroundings — in harmony with everything. Just being. Enjoying the joy and peace of meditation. Yes!

The meditative mind is silent. It is beyond thought.   The meditative mind is the religious mind — the mind that is not touched by the church, the temples or by chants... rituals and the like... Meditation is not a means to an end. It is both the means and the end.

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