Conscious Breathing

Breathing is one of our greatest sources of energy and power, but most of us do not even breathe effectively, let alone consciously. By breathing intentionally and deeply, you can quickly give yourself the gift of vitality, energy, tranquility, and any other qualities that you desire. This is an important tool that teaches you how to breathe with intention and fill your body with power by carrying it on the breath.

1.Become aware of your breathing. Feel it.

2.Breathe slowly and deeply down into your belly, completely filling your lungs. Allow your stomach to expand with your breath.

3.Visualize that the air around you is filled with potentiality for some desired quality that you would like to manifest in your life. For instance, imagine that the air is filled with vitality, courage, strength, intelligence, patience, or whatever you are most in need of at the time. Visualize, feel, or describe to yourself what it would be like if you had this quality. Imagine what you would see, how you would stand and feel, what you would be saying to yourself.

4.With each breath you breathe in, feel this energy entering your lungs and going out into your body through your bloodstream.

5.As you breathe out, feel that the energy, the quality that you have energized in you is staying in you. Only the breath is going out.

6.Breathe about ten to twenty breaths, visualizing and feeling this desired energy filling your whole body.

7.Thank the universe for the gift of this energy.

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This exercise has been taken from the very interesting book of Jason Augustus Newcomb
"The New Hermetics"- editor: Weiser Books.







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