A Way of Unfolding the Language of the Soul  

Relax on your chair and close your eyes… take a few deep breath… and follow your breathing consciously for a few more  minutes … this will help you relax even more and be centered in consciousness…When you feel ready begin your meditation by imagining yourself entering into a cave as intensely and consciously as you can... Feel that you are really, there… using all your senses… Then continue your visualization by imagining a doorway in the left-hand wall of the cave…  go through the door into an alley that turns to the right and leads to an exit... You look around and wait there, observing the imaginary scenery which may arise spontaneously to your mind's eye…. You may see an animal of some kind that comes to you... and you follow it wherever it leads you…. It will bring you to a meeting with a person who, you will find, can act as a useful guide….

 All characters visualized in this or similar exercises should be fictional. In fact, most of such images are projections of different aspects of your psyche. It is part of a process of unfolding imagination and the symbolic language of your Soul or Higher Self. Hence it will be confusing and unhelpful to use actual people (saints, or known mythical images of gods/goddesses) as guides for these projections.

You should ask the Guide his/her name, observe all items of his/her appearance as closely as you can, and ask him/her to take you to meet the Sun archetype. This is the symbol for the center and nucleus of your own pure being, and may result in a deep and moving experience, possibly of a religious nature… Allow it to take the form that appears spontaneously.

At the conclusion of this exercise, and indeed any exercise of this nature involving imaginary venturing, retrace your steps back the way you came, and bring consciousness back deliberately to earth from the imagi­native point from whence you started, in this case, just outside the cave.

Warning: In all inner contacts of this kind use common sense and a sense of proportion. Such techniques are capable of opening up access to deep areas of wisdom

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