The basic purpose of  "inner work" is to help you release the inner Qualities and Energies that are dwelling and slumbering in your Being. Prior to this, the purpose of these exercises and meditations are to help integrate and synthesize your personal ego with the Soul. This will be done through a symbolic "bridge" which represents the "PSYCHE. I just hope that by giving you a few exercises and some basic comments on the techniques of spiritual psychology, you will be able to understand how to use an important "tool" that will develop the OBSERVER in you. By becoming the "observer" of your life, you will start guiding and advising in a better way, the "actors" “living” within yourself, which are the sub-personalities that enter the scene of your life. You will, as a director be able to show them how to play their "roles" according to your understanding and desire. And since, the actors are your different sub-personalities and you are the central observer/director of your life, your position and role, play a crucial part in your life.  Hence, my suggestion is that you should develop the part in you that OBSERVES your own process, as no one else can help you except yourself. 


The following exercise will introduce you to this concept in a more direct manner 

1 - Consider one of your prominent traits, attitudes, or motives. 

2 - With your eyes closed, become aware of this part of you. Then let an image emerge representing it. It may be a woman, a man, an animal, an elf, an object, you in disguise, a symbol, or anything else in the universe. Do not consciously try to find an image (but always accept the first image that appears or the first impression that comes up - this is one of the techniques to develop intuition). Let the image or impression emerge spontaneously, as if you were watching a screen, not knowing what will shortly appear on it. 

3 - As soon as the image has appeared, give it the chance to reveal itself to you without any interference or judging on your part. Let it change if it tends to do so spontaneously, and let it show you some of its other aspects if it wants to.

Get in touch with the general feeling that emanates from it. 

4 - Now let this image talk and express itself. Give it space, so to speak, for doing so; in particular, find out about its needs. Talk with it (even if your image is an object, it can talk back to you; anything is possible in the imaginary world). 

5 - Now open your eyes and record in your notebook everything that happened so far.

Then give this sub-personality a name - any name that fits and will help you to identify it in the future: example, "the Complainer" - "the Artist" - "the Bitch" - "Santa Claus" "Jaws" - "the Clown" - "the judge" - "the I Told You So" and so on. Finally write about its traits, habits and peculiarities. 




6 - After you have identified and exhaustively described one sub-personality you can go on to the others. But take your time and work on each one alone until you feel finished.  The process requires merely picking a few more of your prominent traits, attitudes, or motives and going through steps 1 to 5 for each one. (Take one sub-personality per week and OBSERVE the unfolding of its energy very carefully and in an impersonal and impartial way).

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