Floating on Water 

Floating on the waves 

To visualize "floating" is a simple letting-go of everything. If your attachment to your body and brain seems a bit loose at the best of times, this is probably not a good thing for you, but if your tendency is to be rigid or over-controlled or tense, perhaps emotionally repressed, this technique might be quite helpful.

Lie down and just let go of your muscles, your body, your bones, your thoughts, your feelings. Just let yourself sink on your bed and don't do anything. Every time that you become aware of a thought or an emotion,  let it go out of your mind and breathe it out of your system. This is not a relaxation technique nor a meditative exercise — they are disciplines, an exercising, if you will, of our mental and spiritual 'muscles'. This is just becoming totally limp, without boundaries, gently awake and gently aware.

It is sometimes possible to sink very deeply into this quite rapidly, but other times it may be more difficult. Often it helps to do a meditative or relaxing exercise first. Many people also find certain kinds of quiet, flowing music helpful.

The feeling this process leads to is similar to the letting-go that happens in meditation or relaxation, but definitely not the same, and it seems to be a complement to (but certainly not a substitute for) meditation and relaxation techniques.

There is a related technique, which we might call dissolving. 

Dissolving in the Earth

Looking up from within the ground...

You simply lie on the earth and let yourself dissolve into it, letting yourself experience being a part of the earth. Don't make any effort to do this —just let it happen.

This is a relaxing-into, a kind of surrendering. It differs from floating in that dissolving is a melding, a becoming one with something else, something large and serene, while floating is more of a being nothing.

All of these things — floating, dissolving, meditating — have certain similar effects: a sense of serenity and deep peace, a recharging of energy, a sense of having thoroughly rested. This is, of course, accompanied by the obvious things of reduced physiological stress, a more balanced response to the circumstances of life, et cetera. Yet each of these techniques has different results as well.

Meditation strengthens certain abilities — self healing, concentration, attainment of mental skills but more to the point, It seems primarily a mental-energetic activity of opening up and letting go of all stresses and emotions. However, once the stresses disappear, there is a deeper layer of meditation that appears and it unfolds AWARENESS of the AXIAL Cosmic Center of pure Being within oneself. 

Dissolving nourishes us in some hard-to-define way. When  we have done it and really sunk into the earth, we feel cherished, nurtured, and strengthened. We usually feel 'plugged in' to something very large and powerful and loving. The response we have seems primarily emotional with physical and mental 'side effects'.



The effect of floating is harder to define. The response seems primarily spiritual/emotional — there is a sense of lightness and a kind of pervasive, free-floating joy. Something people often notice is that they feel they have shed burdens on some deeply unconscious level, burdens they didn't know they were carrying. It seems to ease transformation.

Relaxation is quite difficult for some of us because it is about letting go and releasing boundaries and trusting — and for many of us, that is the hardest thing to do. We may have a lot of fears and insecurities that arise from being ungrounded and not centered. Hence, we need to learn to deal with those in a positive way.

The different types of exercises and essays which you find on this website are written specifically to help and encourage seekers in the many different layers of awakening...

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