Imagine that you are in a tunnel with walls made of luminous light. 

You are floating through it, your body spinning slowly so that you lose any sense of which way is up, down, right, or left. Imagine swirling through this tunnel surrounded by colors that are bright and pure. See the reds, roses, greens, pinks, golds, turquoises, blues, greens, and violets. Imagine that these brilliant colors are literally dissolv­ing any negative energy and freeing you to feel balanced and joyful again.

Each time you do this exercise, bring in the colors that are the most intensely pleasurable. Let your weightless body turn as it moves through the tunnel of colors. This is a very healing exercise for the mind as well as the emotions. As you become skillful at visualizing the colors of the rainbow in your tunnel of light, the effect increases. Your body will feel different when you come out of the tunnel—relaxed and revitalized from the healing power of each color radiating through your body.

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