Glossary of Terms

  (Words in italics denote terms that are also defined in the Glossary. Aka means “also known as.”)

Absolute Consciousness: Consciousness that encompasses all levels of consciousness and belongs to Absolute Being. (aka Pure Being, Unknown God, and Unmanifested Being.)

Abstract Mind: A higher level of intelligence that is directly linked to intuition (or intelligence of the heart.) It is called abstract because it cannot be comprehended or rationalized by ordinary intellect. It is through the Abstract Mind (or Buddhi), that we receive and translate higher realities and Divine knowledge into pure wisdom.

Antahkarana: An inner organ, an instrument with which we think, feel, remember and discriminate. It activates and functions properly with the unfoldment of the inner spiritual process. It is the link between the personal and the impersonal, the ego and the soul. Hence, it is the channel where the inner impulses, battles and transmutations take place, and becomes a conduit for the impulses of the soul to reach the psyche.

Archetypes: Archetypes are seed ideas that are engrained within the “blueprint” of man. There are many types of archetypes: the Jungian types come from the “unconscious” and are biological; the Freudian archetypes are also unconscious but are personal and biographical. On this website, the term “archetype” represents spiritual and initiatory “mediums” (or vehicles) and “keys” into which a variety of divine impulses are poured so as to form a language of the soul. Archetypes are universal symbols ingrained in the psyche of human beings, and are interconnected to unfold a meaningful idea or a teaching. Archetypes are also linked to seed ideas and are part of a subtle and refined spiritual teaching method that unfolds the Intuition and Abstract Mind.

Astral Body: Emotional body that transforms with our feelings, emotions, desires and higher ideals. It can be refined by our feelings and then register and become part of the higher realms. This, of course, reflects our self-conscious part and is one of the most important parts of the inner process because it is through the astral and mental bodies that we can gradually enter our Perfect Mold.

Axial Pole: The central, immutable pole or core of being within human beings that is Absolute Consciousness. It also corresponds to states of being, as in Dante’s axial journey. Hence, those who have reached the mid-point (i.e., the edenic or primordial state), may rise along this axis to higher levels of consciousness. In Kabalistic terms, it corresponds to the Middle Pillar, the Pillar of Consciousness.

Being:  The part in us that we perceive as the Presence within that pervades the whole of creation. However, it needs consciousness to become aware of its being-ness.

Chalice: Represents the place where the purification and transformation of the ego occurs. (See Perfect Mold.)

Consciousness: The substance and intelligence that envelops, surrounds and penetrates everything in creation to gradually make it aware of itself. However, to do that, it needs spirit and soul as the vehicle to contain, unfold and manifest its inherent qualities. There are different levels of consciousness, each with a corresponding attuned “instrument” to express its own level. Hence consciousness is the medium used by the impersonal will and unconditional Love of Pure Being, or of the Unknown God. In different Traditions, Consciousness is referred to as MIND or Universal or Cosmic Soul

Cosmic Consciousness: Consciousness of universality, of being in harmony and attunement with the whole of creation. An infinite sense of intuitive wisdom that bestows knowledge and experience of being part of the infinite tapestry of creation upon the one who has it. At this level of consciousness, we find the quality of “Thy Will Be Done.”

Daemon (aka daimon): A manifestation of our soul’s intent and direct guidance, such as, Pythagoras', Socrates', Platos', Plotinus'. It is made of astral and mental matter and takes the bearing and aspect corresponding to our own level of consciousness and purity. It is the projection of the inner master and guide that opens for us the way of real soul initiation. It is also our witness, who takes us through the various inner planes of purification and being. A Christian version of the daemon is the guardian angel.

Duality versus Dualism: In the context of this website, we have chosen the word "dualism" to express the world in which we live as a separate entity, in other words: "I am me" separate from you". As for the word duality in these messages, it reflects the fact that one can be enlightened and remain as the impersonal conscious Self witnessing the world of duality.

Ego: A distorted reflection of Pure Being that says, “I am me” and differentiates between “This is me and this is not me.” It is an important tool and a “looking glass” for the soul. However, the “lenses” usually need a good cleaning so that the soul can properly recognize and register what it “sees” through them and send the appropriate impulse back to the ego via intuition. However, the ego is an important functioning of Consciousness in the world of duality. We need an ego to interrelate with each others...

Divine Face: The unmanifest “face” of Absolute Consciousness that remains hidden behind the veil of Pure Being. Its presence arises gradually within the consciousness of a seeker as a manifestation of Cosmic Consciousness and reflects in the guise of his Perfect Model.

Essence of the soul: The foundation of the soul. (See Pure Being.)

Grail: On this website, the Grail represents a divine substance that transforms self-consciousness into Cosmic Consciousness. It is a Divine Energy that leads the seeker towards his/her complete regeneration. The Grail is linked with the Chalice, with the latter representing the place where the purification of the ego takes place. (See Perfect Mold.) Amongst its countless powers and qualities, the Grail grants immortality and resurrection, signifying that the seeker of truth has entered his own axial pole of pure Absolute Consciousness. The Grail also represents Christ Substance. Thus, in this book, the Grail and the Perfect Model are firmly connected, since in reality, when you enter your Perfect Model, you are automatically in “touch” with the gifts and powers of the Grail.

Higher Mind: The permanent level of consciousness that remains forever engrained in the soul or Permanent Witness. It is a higher faculty of intuition and a more subtle way of forming concepts. Higher Mind or Abstract Mind expresses a different and transfigured level of comprehension and perception of truth. (aka Intuition, Intelligence of the Heart.)

I AM: The state in which self-consciousness turns its attention from the outside world to the inner, focusing and opening up to the impulses coming from the soul and reacting accordingly. It is a level of consciousness that prepares consciousness to unify and reach wholeness with Absolute Consciousness or Pure Being.

I Am Me: Self-identification of the ego. A state of self-consciousness that is focused and absorbed only with activities outside of itself.

Intelligence of the Heart): During the spiritual process, the ego opens itself to the impulses coming from the soul, and intuition unfolds its intelligence and knowledge in one’s consciousness. However, intuition needs the impulses of unconditional and impersonal love to function properly since the knowledge that one receives on this physical level is not for personal gain but belongs to one’s impersonal self. (aka intuition.)

Intuition: The impact that the intelligence of the soul has on our conscious level of being. The more attuned we are to the soul, the more deeply we resonate with intuitive knowledge. (aka intelligence of the heart)

Invisible God: The part of the higher intelligence within us that can be apprehended only through the functioning of higher mind, or refined intuition. (See Visible God.)

Invisible Master: An enlightened person who has awakened Cosmic Consciousness. He/she is a person who lives on the physical plane as an ordinary human being, but remains in constant touch with the inner spiritual planes. Thus he/she becomes a living “role model” for others who have recognized his/her gifts. Seekers who need to unfold the same soul qualities are magnetically pulled towards such charismatic persons.

jnana: Sanskrit, from the root 'jna' - 'to know' (1) general knowledge - (2) spiritual wisdom and illumination; knowledge of the ultimate reality; the transcendent realization that Atman and Brahman are one. (The Rider Encyclopedia of Eastern philosophy & Religion.)

Lower mental body: The body formed by our thought-forms, the energy field that registers and sends thoughts made of astral matter.

Noumenon: 1- object of intellect: something beyond the tangible world that can only be known or identified by the intellect, not by the senses

Noumenon: 2 - independent object in Kantian philosophy: in Kantian philosophy, something that exists independently of intellectual or sensory perception of it, for example the soul in some beliefs

[Late 18th century. Via German from Greek , from the present participle of noien ‘to apprehend, conceive’.]
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Perfect Model: The manifested reflection and countenance of our Soul Entity (the "Ba" in Ancient Egyptian Mysteries) within the inner planes of Being. It is our perfected nature, i.e., the features that Cosmic Consciousness and enlightenment take within our being.

Perfect Mold: The blueprint with which our subtle body energy fields must attune and blend. It is the mold of the Perfect Model or archetype of our angelic prototype, our original Divine pattern that becomes the vehicle of pure spirit or of Cosmic Consciousness. In the Ancient Egyptian Mysteries it was called the purified "Ka".

Permanent Witness: The intuition that emanates from the Permanent Witness becomes intelligible through our purified mind and heart, and is translated into words through the inspiration coming from our Abstract Mind. In other words, the impulses coming from the P.W. can be put into words to encourage and help others do likewise. The P.W. is the part of the soul that is nearer to human consciousness, the intermediary between the ego’s self-consciousness and the Spiritual Witness. Hence the P.W. is our inner guide that initiates and opens the path to our inner quest, and uses our psyche to send and receive impulses to the ego. It is the wise teacher we meet when we focus on our sacred center within. In the Ancient Egyptian Mysteries it was the "Ba" 

Presence: The invisible part of Being that appears from the Center of Pure Being and gradually takes different sacred Divine Faces to make an impression on the conscious self. It is the immaterial, invisible part of our soul entity, or Pure Being that attracts us through the inherent divine qualities within them. These qualities are of unconditional and pure love and compassion.

Primordial Matter: The primary universal substance, the womb wherein all worlds gestate, from which all are born, and to which all return. (aka prakriti)

Psyche: The bridge between ego and soul. The mirror in which impulses coming from the soul (or Permanent Witness) and the experiences and memories of the ego meet. The psyche can only be purified when the antahkarana has been activated correctly.

Pure Being: (aka Soul Entity)

Sacred Cell: The archetypal place where we learn to become “intimate” with ourselves. A holy space within which we encounter our Divine Face and that reveals our own mystery.

Sacred Seed: The qualities ingrained in the soul. The spiritual DNA inherent to man but dormant within him, awaiting the light of consciousness to germinate, grow and manifest its inherent attributes and its angelic and divine nature.

Soul Entity: Essence of the soul, or of the Permanent and Spiritual Witnesses. It is the seed of both parts of the soul and is conscious only of itself. However, the goal of unfolding the two witnesses within the soul is to expand and manifest consciousness to different levels and manifest it through the existence of human beings. (aka Pure Being.)

Subjectivity: All thinking is based on time and space - must necessarily refer to a person or a thing, an event or experience concerning the thing or the person. But time and space do not exist objectively. Therefore how can any kind of phenomena or thinking and experience  about any thing be possible in the absence of time and space. Therefore, if time and space are not objectively perceived because they cannot be perceptible or recognized by the senses, but only through a different knowledge - it can only be the SUBJECTIVITY - which is the evasive "I" , the Noumenon, pure Beingness the Source - spaceless and timeless - INTEMPORALITY 

Spiritual Witness: The pure unmanifested Divine Light that is part of the Universal Consciousness. When as individual consciousness, we are in contact with it, it unfolds within us an illumination of the intelligence of the heart, which gives us a state of beatitude, or a level of consciousness and an inner conviction that cannot be explained in words, for the knowledge imparted by the S.W. can only be given through, enlightenment and illumination of consciousness. It is as if the S..W. opens for us a window to let sunlight into the dark recesses of our consciousness, so as to illuminate it and unfold within us more subtle ways of perceiving the depth and mystery of consciousness. Hence the knowledge received through the S.W. cannot be put into words; rather, it is an enlightenment that becomes part of consciousness itself.

Unknown God: The source of all creation. It is beyond human comprehension since this Unknown Presence is immanent, omnipresent and omnipotent. It remains latent in Pure Being and in the essence of our Sacred Seed. However, like Unmanifest Being, the divine source that remains incomprehensible to human intelligence, it can be intuitively felt through the impulses sent by the soul.

Unmanifested Being: The Source of Being before creation. (See Unmanifest Light and Absolute Being.)

Unmanifested Light: The Source of Light before creation and manifestation

Universal Soul: The Center of the Essence of Being. (See Cosmic Consciousness.)

Visible God: The higher self or higher intelligence within human beings with which we can attune, understand and come in touch. (See Invisible God.)

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