A few hints may help you to maximize the beneficial effects the exercises are meant to bring about.

 1 - Take time. Devote some undisturbed period of time away from the computer to do the exercise. Even if this is only 5 minutes, make sure it is a universe of its own, un-invaded by outer disturbances. 

2 - Prepare. Take a comfortable position, with spine erect and muscles relaxed. Close your eyes and breathe deeply and slowly a few times. Take at least 2 to 3 minutes for this stage. I also suggest recording the instructions for some exercises on blank tape cassettes, so you can work with them repeatedly and listen to them without interruption. 

3 - Persist. Pick the exercise of the month and stick to it for some time, even if you do not, notice immediate results. Repetition of an exercise, multiplies its power.  

4 - Connect. After you have performed an exercise, it will keep working silently for you. But if you want its influence to be greater, remind yourself of the experience and its meaning right in the midst of everyday life - your true and ever-present laboratory. 

5 - Work in silence. Sharing your insights prematurely with people who may not understand them often dissipates the psychological energy you have built up. 

6 - You may also want to KEEP A WORKBOOK - NOTEBOOK in which you write about the insights and subtle transformations that take place.



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