River of LIght
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Dear Friend, I invite you to take a mystical Journey into yourself. This website is based on personal experiences and research into the Western and Eastern Mysteries.

More than thirty years of involvement with mystical and esoteric traditions such as the Rosicrucian and Templar traditions have helped me discover a most natural and direct way of unfolding Primordial Knowledge. My name is Alice Ouzounian, and I run a spiritual center in Cyprus based on Esoteric and Mystical Traditions. The result of my research and personal experiences are published on this website. You can read more about who I am and what I do in the section: “Autobiography”. The purpose of this website is to encourage interested seekers to discover the true Self which is the center of Absolute Being within oneself and is linked to the same center as the Source of Primordial Wisdom. You will also find many essays on Gnosticism, Hermetic, Esoteric and Mystical concepts concerning: the Ego, Consciousness, Being, Soul,  Psyche, which are different and interrelated aspects of the same subject and which could help you the seeker unfold your personal spiritual “seed ideas” and concepts.

You will also come across a collection of different types of exercises to help you as an ego personality to open up your horizon and experience Cosmic Consciousness, named also as Buddha Nature or Christ Consciousness, the Source of which is the Real You. Thus, you will have a choice of many different types of exercises to choose from. These hermetic and mystical exercises and meditations have been specially chosen to accompany certain messages and the intention behind them is to help you experience and realize your natural state of Consciousness, which is the pure level of Absolute Consciousness. Furthermore, this website is dedicated to those of you who earnestly seek to explore the inner dimension of their own Mystery which is Absolute Consciousness and cross the threshold of the unknown through the Portal of personal "Inner" Initiation where the words “Know Thyself” are inscribed. 

May you be encouraged and inspired to let go of your old concepts and trust your intuition with an open mind to follow “the Intelligence of the Heart”, in order to answer the ultimate question: “Who Am I?”  and receive the simple answer: which is ( I = I.).. But what does this mean? The answer is that you will gradually discover the answer...

Apart from my own writings on Transcendence and my perception of the mystery of Consciousness and its relation to Absolute Being, seekers will also find a collection of philosophical and hermetic excerpts taken from the written works of Eastern and Western enlightened masters who have expressed their concepts on the same philosophy of transcendence and of Absolute Consciousness and Being. (sometimes the name given to the unfathomable state of Being will be different, but this should not upset anyone, since names are just names and concepts are just concepts, but the Transcendence remains the same). 

This site is dedicated to the spiritual seeker. The purpose of this site is to provide information and inspiration to those who are seeking mystical truth. It is intended to be a guiding light and not a destination... Signposts are offered for your attention... it is up to you to choose the best one for you...Each of us must awaken and find our own truth.

The intention behind all the articles and essays is to provide information on different spiritual concepts to motivate and help seekers unravel the mystery of the: "WHO AM I?". 





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This website: Hermetic Philosophy and the Mystery of Being and underlying HTML documents are copyrighted by Alice Ouzounian. No copyright claimed to the writings can be made by anyone else, except the "excerpts" taken from books by authors like Raymond Bernard, Eliphas Levi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Wei Wu Wei, and other important Hermetic, Esoteric and Mystical authors with whom  I have some or much resonance. As for the images please read Copyrights Notice.