The Kabbalah-Emanations from the Source : part 3

By Robert Green

Certainly there is ample scientific evidence of the fact that the five physical senses of man do not perceive or apprehend the existence of all things in the universe, and, therefore, are not dependable as complete and perfect messengers of information. What purpose then do these five faculties serve in the general scheme of things? As we examine the octaves of vibrations and look at those in which seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, and smelling occur, we find some other interesting facts. We notice, first of all, that all of the mineral, earthly elements discovered by the scientists and listed in the Periodical Tables are in frequencies related to the vibrations of human seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, and smelling. We notice that there is a relationship between copper, gold, tin, iron, sulphur, the sodas, and all of the various minerals and liquids. This relationship brings them all into the same octaves of frequency with the vibrations that are registered by the five physical senses.

This leads us to realize that the five receptor senses were evolved for the sole purpose of keeping us informed only of the existence of the gross material elements of the universe. In other words, these five physical senses of man are a part of his physical nature, of his material composition, and of his physical consciousness. They are the result of the consciousness that is in all of the cells of material elements that compose his body and these cells are connected to the brain thru the central nervous system. It is our brain that makes us conscious of ourselves and of all other similar elements in the universe. It is this consciousness in matter that makes human beings self-conscious in a physical sense. The brain is a part of the physical body and is the transformer or circuit board in which the impressions from the five physical senses are received and translated into physical consciousness.

Before we conclude this lesson, let me give you a thought to ponder. It is our false beliefs about the reality of space that hinders us from being aware of events that are at what we perceive with our 5 senses to be ‘great distances’ from the body. If you step out of your home and look as far as you can see, you sense a space between yourself and the distant objects. Yet if you put a telescope to your eye and looked at the same objects, the space between you and the objects is cut down, and you have a new perceptive of the element of distance. This experiment in and by itself proves that the element of space is dependent upon the strength or weakness of the eye. Therefore, space and distance are elements of a mental realization and not actualities.

In our next lesson we will examine the 4th dimension, which is time, and we will see that it is the illusion of time that gives us memory. And memory is what gives us understanding, knowledge, and experience.


Your exercise for this lesson will be to continue with the exercise of the last week, where you took deep breaths and held them for a comfortable time as you concentrated on the various body parts to awaken them and to strengthen the psychic body. But this week, we want you to do the following:

Now, please do not be frightened to perform this exercise. Nothing will happen to you. You will need to do this exercise after it is dark, or in the evening or at night…After you have concentrated on all the parts of the body from the soles of the feet to the top of the head, while performing deep breathing, and you are tingling all over, place the tips of your fingers together in front of your body, as if in prayer, between your solar plexus and your heart. Do not touch your palms together and keep your hands a couple of inches from your body with your fingers pointing up towards your chin. Now, slowly get up and walk into a room where it is dark and you have a large mirror…like a bathroom. Shut the door, turn off the lights and stand facing the large mirror. Now this is important…. after you become accustomed to the darkness, stare at yourself in the mirror. Try to relax your eyes and look beyond your image, like you were looking at something far off…We are awakening your third eye, so you must not focus your physical eyes…in a few minutes you will begin to see fog like images moving around your body…again, do not be afraid…this is the psychic world…the astral plane…do this exercise for a period of about 5 to 10 minutes and stop. Write down in your journal what you saw and your feelings…. Do this exercise at least once each day for the coming week.


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