The Kabbalah-Emanations from the Source: part 8

By Robert Green

This week we will examine the nature of memory and its important role in the development of the “self”.
We have said that Absolute Being is perfect and therefore can have no purpose. But on the other hand, mankind, or self, does have purpose. And this purpose is the same for all, which is “realized unification” with Absolute Being. But how do we accomplish this “realized unification”? It is accomplished thru individual experience in life, and life is consciousness infolded upon itself, creating mind.
Without the reflective quality of the mind there could be no self, at all. As self descends in a straight line of focus from its source it begins to bend and then it encircles itself. This action causes it to be pulled into the center of its orbit, where it enfolds upon itself, creating a point of reflection. By bending, circling, and enfolding upon itself, mind sees and knows itself. If mind could not see itself thru the reflection of the opposites, caused by the enfolding, then there would not be any self-experience and self would not exist because the subject could not have arisen. The opposites that we are referring to are object-subject.
Let us investigate the nature of self more deeply.  Self is the center of consciousness. It is a center of experienced feelings, memories, and beliefs. SELF IS NOT ONLY A CENTER OF FEELING-KNOWING, BUT MORE EXACTLY IT “IS” FEELING-KNOWING. Therefore, we will define self as “total-feeling-knowing”. By total, we mean that it makes no difference if at this very moment, we feel nothing, or we know nothing and are not in the least aware of our self, because self is “multi-dimensional” and self is still there as the “unconscious mind” prior to our realization of any feelings or experiences. However, when anything rises to the consciousness from the unconsciousness, then self must be there; for we cannot be conscious of anything without the awareness of self.
I mentioned that self is multi-dimensional. By this I mean that self participates in all the planes of consciousness, simultaneously. It is like a great tree with its roots going deep down into various levels and sub levels of the soil and spreading throughout, with its trunk, limbs, branches, and leaves reaching high and spreading throughout the atmosphere above. And this great tree participates in its total environment.
Now we have stated that man’s purpose is to experience self and to bring self to conscious realization in that event called life. But what do we mean by “experience”?  Are not our experiences but memories? And we have stated in other lessons that memory is dependent upon time. But is this actually true? If self were multi-dimensional, then would not memory have to be multi-dimensional, also?
Let us investigate memory thru our own experiences and see what we can discover. You will be surprised when I tell you that memory is open-ended and is always changing as our concepts change. The original happening of an event is always experienced from different perspectives from all those that are involved or as spectators in the event. All policemen and investigators of events recognize that what is experienced by participants and spectators, alike, is an “individual and original” happening. Each one brings to the experience his own focus, background, temperament, beliefs, and a thousand other things of all different colors and reasons…so that the event/experience that is shared by all is still primarily original to each person.
The moment that an experience happens it begins to change as it is filtered thru all those ingredients, and furthermore, it continues to change with each succeeding experience, as self learns, and beliefs change.
We are used to a “time framework” with a beginning and an ending and we remember and recall events from the past in this manner, but did you know that the memory of these events has changed from the original experience and that as “time passes” we have different impressions and understandings of the experience? This happens so that we can better resolve life issues in the “future” as we learn thru events and experiences. It is evolution.
Within the no-self (our unconscious self) are myriads of past selves, potential selves, and future selves. They are but “ONE SELF”, yet exist as individual personalities. Know also, that the self has no concept of time and operates and exists thru these myriads of memories of past lives, potential, and future lives in a multi-dimensional framework of consciousness.
This information is probably new to you, for it is not well known even to sages and mystics, but explore it for yourself in your daily meditation periods.
Now, what I told you about how your recollection of events and experiences were constantly changing as you gain new knowledge and concepts, applies also to your past self’s memories of their previous lives. Their individual concepts are also continuously changing from new experiences and knowledge from the present and the potential self. And ALL contribute to the whole self.
We can only operate from our sphere of material life with the linear functioning of the brain, with the illusion, or can I say, the pretension of closed finished events. Open, ever changing experiences and events would seem to be chaotic and would probably drive us insane; so experiences are seen as closed, finished events, and the changing nature of our memory, concepts, precepts, ideas, and so on, happens unconsciously and below the surface of our awareness.
The memory left alone and not structured in a framework of time, will shimmer and shake, take other forms, and transform itself before your inner vision like the clouds of the sky, and the focus of other events of your life will also shimmer and change. Edges, corners, and reflections will appear, however, perhaps superimposed upon memories that you recognize as belonging to this present life. Have you ever experienced this?
Simultaneously, each of our past, potential, and future selves dwells in their own individual way, but we form our past lives now in this life just as surely as we form our present and future ones now, also.
In quite moments when pondering, you might remember an experience from this life, but there may be a strange feeling to it…a sort of déjà vu…where something does not seem to fit into the timeframe in which the experience belongs. This is a case where the life event is tinged with the memory of a past one…where a past or future life sheds its “mold” upon the present one. There is a “floating” quality about some of the dimensions of memory and these deals with our “destinies”.
I have given you much information to absorb in this lesson, and I hope it was not too abstract to understand. It is difficult, that is for sure, but I hope that you will ask me questions if you are having trouble applying it to your own self-experiences.
I have no exercise for this session because I want you to ponder this lesson all week and investigate your own memories within your meditation period each day.
Also, I would like to hear from each of you, about what your experiences have been with the prior exercises…so we can adjust and give you those that will individually bring about the desired results.
To be continued....

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