List of Sacred  and Mystical Exercises

   The Guru

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Here is a list of different types of exercises that you might want to try. Choose the ones that correspond to your needs of the moment. Some of the exercises are based on spiritual psychology and others on mystical and hermetic meditations. The psychological exercises have been created to help you unfold the "OBSERVER" in you. The hermetic and more mystical ones are to help you connect with your invisible silent "WITNESS" - the part in you that unfolds and guides your real individual "inner process". 
In this context, the word, "inner process" means unfolding a personal way of attuning your consciousness to the impulses, impressions and intuitions coming directly from your Soul or Higher Self.

The goal of this Website is to help you harmonize your ego self with its counterpart the Soul aspect of who you really are and receive from it, direct Divine Knowledge.

In addition, all the messages, pictures and exercises that exist on this website have been carefully selected to  help you, the searcher of truth unfold the subtle levels of consciousness that lie inactive within your Being. 

Spiritual Psychology : Exercises

Gravity And Relaxation

Meditation  Breathing exercise (1)

Meditation Breathing Exercise (2)

Meditation : Pore Breathing (3)  

Meditation : Soft Belly Meditation  

Visualization Exercises 

 Creating Visualizing Taste

Reflective Meditation

Self - Identification Exercise

Working With Sub-Personalities

Meditation with Subpersonalities/Archetypes

Making Intuitive Decisions

Healing With Light

Floating in Water And Dissolving In the Earth.

Two Exercises on Self-Protection.


Hermetic :  Exercises

Awakening The Astral Body

Creating A Sphere Of Light

The Cave (2): A Way To Unfold The Symbolic Language of the Soul

The Inner Temple Of Light

 Kundalini Purification Exercise

Your Angelic Nature

Tree Meditation

The Tunnel of Light

 Ascension Meditation

Meditation Sun Moon

Chakra Awareness Exercise

Being of Light

Entering into the Beauty of the Heart

Am I the "Doer of Actions?"  Night Revision  - by Ramesh Balsekar  

Breathing in a Quality

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