Your Perfect Model as your Real Master

 A Daily Exercise

Relax on your chair and after a few deep breaths enter into a state of quiet meditation, visualize the perfect, gracious and precious Perfect Model as your  Master [the source of power]. On the crown of your own head receive the blessing Lights. This unites your own mind with the realized mind of your Perfect Model and Master. While you are doing daily activities, see that all the appearing forms are the forms of the Master, All sounds are the melodies of his/her speech, and All your good and bad thoughts are his/her wisdom mind. This is the instruction on phenomenal existents arising as the virtues of the Master. 

While eating, visualize the Master in your throat and offer him/her the nectar of food and drink. Then food and drink will create no defilements in you, and it will be turned into a sacramental celebration. While sleeping, visualize him/her in the center of your heart. The lights of his/her body illuminate the world and all beings. Transform them into light and then dissolve them into yourself. This is the instruction on turning sleep and dreams into luminous absorption. 

When you are leaving for the next existence [death], Without shuffling in too many worries, Contemplate on the unification of your own awareness, and the enlightened mind of the Master.



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