Painted by William J.D Doran

An individual, at the human level, consists of soul, mind and body. While it is relatively easy to realize that one's true self is not the body, the soul and mind are so helplessly knotted together that it is almost impossible for us to distinguish the one from the other. Our human sense of self therefore consists of a fusion of these two. This can be called the 'individual. Sometimes one speaks of the soul, but in the Mind regions this always means the soul and mind in combination.

The soul and mind, then, when simplified, purified and concentrated enough to leave the body, pass through the door of brightness, through the single eye or third eye, and there upon it enters the threshold of the astral realms where the Soul meets with the radiant, astral light form of Its own sacred blueprint, which is Its complementary part, or Pure Spirit. As disciples on the path, the meeting of our Soul with its complementary part form and materializes the Presence of our individual Perfect Model in our being. This Presence becomes alive and is cherished from within our mystical heart, in our inner sacred space, and in that holy conscious space our hallowed Master appears. Just as in this physical plane the “Word” of God took form in the “flesh” and manifested on the physical plane in the physical body of Jesus. So too, when as disciples, we gradually awake on the higher astral planes, our consciousness, recognizes and attunes with its own Perfect Model. Hence, in the higher regions of the Soul, the “Word” which is the energized powerful Essence of the Spirit of God integrates and immerses in the body of a disciple taking for him/her the appropriate and recognizable form of divinity. 

Our Perfect Model is the divine manifestation of our pure Essence, and the psyche is the bridge that unites us with our Perfect Model. How does it do that?  When the psyche is purified, and the Images that emerge from it are holy, pure and sacred ones, then the Image of our divinity makes its Presence felt within it… and gradually the spiritual world and the physical one begin to merge, the physical world of the senses and the spiritual world of the sixth and seventh senses harmonize and begin to work in unison in a disciple who has awaken his/her Perfect Model in his/her own flesh. Hence we can say, that the Master Within and Perfect model has successfully been freed from its subconscious and unconscious imprisonment. We understand, therefore that when our Master within is freed, the Word penetrates and is personified as the Perfect Model in a disciple. The Word comes and becomes powerfully energized in a disciple only when the Master Within has left its imprisoned state within the ego of man… It is if you will the crucified Perfect Model, or blueprint that needs to be detached from the flesh so as to rise and ascend to its true source. The Holy Spirit descends on disciples only when their crucified divine part has escape the prison of the ignorant ego…


Hence, when a disciple begins to separate his/her divine essence from the ego self, he/she begins to perceive the astral form of the manifested appearance of the Master within, the disciple sees and feels it within his consciousness as a shining Presence with a deep radiance, scintillating in the aura as if sprinkled with star dust, and permeating the environment with an atmosphere of great bliss and love. From then on, the soul is continuously encouraged to speed onwards – and the Master showers his/her incom­parable love and blessings upon the soul and, moving inwards and upwards, the enraptured soul follows its destiny.

And this light form of one’s divine Self 'talks' to and communicates with the purified psyche. And all its questions are answered. All possible guidance is given to that soul. In this world, many questions have no answers. Words are quite insufficient to describe the inner realities. But there, the awakener is ever present to guide. So, listening to the "voice of the Presence of divinity within our being, is like listening to the melody of the Word. We are washed and purified by the Word made Flesh…contemplating upon the light form of the Master, and receiving guidance at all times, our soul is continuously encouraged to speed onwards. "And with the love of divinity within us, we are drawn to trust and continue our quest.

The light form of our Perfect Model, the liberated Master Within, thus constitutes the 'second coming' of the Master, as described by the Master Jesus in the fourteenth chapter of St John's gospel:

 In my Father's house there are many mansions:
If it were not so, I would have told you.
I go to prepare a place for you.
And if I go and prepare a place for you,
I will come again, and receive you unto myself;
That where I am, there ye may be also.






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