The Divine Inner Hierarchies

As we saw in the previous part, the two witnesses, being spiritual elements of our unmanifested soul entity, are asexual but behave in relation to each other as two complementary parts of a same Unity. They were likened to the Father-Mother archetypes in each of us, since each activates separately masculine or feminine Divine qualities.

Emanating from the one and unique spiritual entity of our Being, they gradually manifest and infuse in us some of those qualities. So we receive and are transformed by them, but only when our psyche and ego are harmonized with the vibrational levels of those spiritual qualities. Hence, receiving and being impregnated by these sublime qualities depends solely on our own level of consciousness and the degree to which we "attune" to them, come to know them, and be one with them. In other words, our level of consciousness must "allow" the transfer from our level of understanding the spiritual quality, so as to embody it in ourselves, and make the quality an integral part of us.

By this transfer of energy, we stop being the observer, the onlooker, since a spiritual quality cannot be apprehended in a world where the law of the observer/observed still applies, as this law belongs solely to the world of duality. Instead, we must let our level of consciousness be assimilated into the spiritual one. All the laws governing the spiritual realms belong to unity, i.e., to "know" a spiritual realm, consciousness must be absorbed and impregnated by it.

In part 1, we saw that we possess within ourselves all the hierarchies and spiritual worlds, each one of which is, in itself, a level of consciousness that awakens more and more as it approaches the level of unity, where resides our unmanifested spiritual entity.

The divine Hierarchies within

All spiritual hierarchies within us represent degrees of purified and spiritual consciousness in potential, like seeds awaiting the right conditions to germinate and vitalize our ordinary consciousness. However, to reach this point, the two divine witnesses have to guide our intuition before trusting us with important keys that are necessary tools to open and enliven one of the parallel spiritual dimensions within our consciousness. By this process, our ordinary level of consciousness gradually begins to reflect the qualities belonging to that specific level in our ego. However, these delicate inner processes of transformation must manifest in our ordinary life before our consciousness is allowed to blend and merge completely with it. Furthermore, the awakening processes of consciousness become more subtle, refined and purer as it approaches the Center of Pure Being

Part 1 likens consciousness to a mirror reflecting whatever is projected on its surface, so understanding a Divine quality makes it shimmer and reflect the quality on the mirror of our consciousness. However, consciousness itself could never be affected since consciousness is a projection of Pure Being. Hence, it remains an element of the invisible presence in us. And since the source of consciousness is not the mirror itself, we must let our consciousness go beyond the mirror, letting itself plunge into the abyss of immaculate consciousness  in our unmanifested soul entity.

Part 1 revealed that the two divine witnesses of the soul entity transform the mystic from within, when his ego is attracted to their energies. Spiritual psychology has validated the importance played by the masculine (Father archetype) and feminine (Mother archetype) energies within us. However, these two energies in our psyche are usually shadows awkwardly reflecting their real spiritual counterparts. Because they are unconscious of their existence and are not yet in touch with their own higher spiritual principles, most people usually mishandle and distort these archetypal qualities. So, our unconscious ego generally distorts the projections of these two Divine witnesses, which is why our behavior in life reflects some of the same deformities and mutilations.

To get in touch with and harmonize with our ideal archetypes Father and Mother, or the spiritual spouse and bride we must first become conscious of how we distort the pure emanations of our two Divine archetypal witnesses. We do that by observing how our masculine and feminine energies act and react within ourselves, and by meditating and attuning to their archetypal ideals. Then we allow our intuition to guide and teach us how to open up to their spiritual qualities. Intuition is a Divine gift granted to us by our two witnesses to help us restore our light of pure Cosmic Consciousness.

The trumpet blows. It is time to awaken, my friends, and let all the shadowy figures in your psyche dissolve, evaporate and disappear into the light of your soul entity. Then, the mirror reflecting your different stages of consciousness is finally broken, nothing remaining but the level of pure consciousness of your soul entity. 


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