Part: 3

The numerology of the soul entity.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Isha Schaller de Lubiczí who wrote an inspiring and precious esoteric book entitled Journey into the Light. Her inner wisdom and spiritual Knowledge have guided me in this discourse.

At the core of its essence, each human soul has a spiritual number, a very specific and unique number. This particular number gives the soul its own entity. Moreover, every spiritual number originates in the absolute unity of the unmanifested source of the soul and is contained in the Divine Totality. Consequently, all created souls have distinctive numbers, and are blessed with the characteristics inherent in their particular number, characteristics that distinguish one soul from all other souls.

These numbers are seed ideas originating from the unmanifested Center of Pure Being. Esoterically, because they represent abstract divine ideas, numbers allow us to understand what is beyond ordinary human comprehension. The meaning of numbers and the role that each number plays is rooted in the esoteric meaning of sacred numbers and the fact that each number is the embodiment of a Divine idea.

By opening our intuition, we can distinguish their intangible and spiritual qualities. Numbers are interconnected with levels of consciousness, so when we meditate and work with an esoteric number, we are working from a corresponding level of consciousness within ourselves and allow the number to affect our own level of consciousness and intuition. Esoteric meditation and work with numbers, therefore, helps us attain the meaning of existence and of causality.

Numerology is one of the oldest sciences of symbols. Plato called it "the highest level of knowledge" and Pythagoras regarded it as "the essence of cosmic and inward harmony." No two numbers are identical, and as each soul is blessed with the characteristics of its own number, these distinctions make each soul different from all other souls.

Some traditions liken souls to stars. Now, a star emits its own light, but this visible star is only the physical body of the spiritual star. However, the visible light emitted is not its only emanation. Our sun emits other types of radiation, differentiated by the number of their vibration, the sum of which constitutes a vibrating sphere that embraces the planets of the solar system. That we can detect each type of radiation individually (infrared, light, ultraviolet, etc.) shows that they co-exist without blending, due to their various vibratory states. However, despite their diversity, all of these emanations are part of a single sun.

This image sheds light on the twin aspects of the soul entity that together constitute a unique essence: the characteristics of its number called the permanent witness, which imprints its signature on the newborn, and that divine essence (pure eternal light, which is impersonal and non-specific) termed the spiritual witness. Early Christian doctrine referred to the spiritual witness simply as spirit, and the permanent witness as soul. So, what we call soul and spirit are both aspects of the soul entity that unfolds within us when our level of consciousness allows us to attune and harmonize with these two aspects of the immortal soul, the two witnesses of manís number-entity.

Unless we know who we are, how can we genuinely give ourselves to others? So, probably the most important journey we shall ever take is the one inward. The quest can be long, but help is at hand, and we are never left alone. Our two witnesses are our divine guides and they accompany us on our sacred quest to the core of our soul entity from whence they came. Therefore, approach the quest without fear, look inward, and awaken your two witnesses within your soul entity and allow them to carry you to fulfill your destiny. And from two, you will become three a trinity and a star is born.


It is important to recognize and understand the differences between the witnessesí functions and roles. Our psyche is governed on a lower level by these two distinct energies, one masculine and the other feminine. Spiritual psychology tells us that the feminine energy, or the passive part of the soul, cannot function properly without her masculine counterpart, and that in turn, the masculine element of the soul cannot work correctly without its feminine counterpart. The feminine soul element represents the inner "womb" in which archetypal seed ideas are allowed to germinate and grow; and the masculine executes and acts upon these archetypal seed ideas. So we must first create a pure space within ourselves (the passive and feminine aspect of God or Pure Being) so as to be able to cultivate good thoughts and kind feelings towards everything around us. Then, from that level of consciousness, our ego manifests and executes our spiritual seed ideas as harmoniously and blamelessly as they are in their original state. 

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