The Method of the Quest.

Diagram of the Soul Entity - The psyche and the Permanent Witness - The psyche & the mirror of Consciousness

A path has no value if it does not lead to a clearly defined goal. Similarly, no one can resolve our personal problems if they are not clearly exposed in the mirror of our own mind that reflects, on the surface of our consciousness, everything that engages us. Consequently, the mirror of consciousness is like a magnet that attracts all manner of energies, from the most positive to the most negative thoughts and feelings. That is why as mystics, we must develop spiritual discipline, since without observing and mastering our own negative thoughts and emotions, they will project on the mirror of our consciousness and disturb our inner harmony. As a symbolic image of self-consciousness, the mirror also reflects what lies in a deeper part of our subconscious.

Inner quest

What is the difference between the psyche and the permanent witness? The previous three parts portrayed the permanent witness as that part of our soul entity that contains the qualitative blueprint of its sacred number, which is projected as an impulse and an energy into the newborn child, or "engrained’’ in the child’s essence. In other words, it is the part of our soul that bonds and connects with our psyche as a baby, and guides our developing psyche and ego for the duration of our incarnation. The permanent witness is the active part of our soul entity since it possesses its unique sacred number, and therefore is the part of each of us that guides our psyche and ego through intuition, insight, and dreams. In return, it participates in the purification and awakening process of its shadowy and sleepy psyche and ego selves.

Diagram of the Soul Entity

Visualize soul entity as five circles, the innermost being the center of our unmanifested soul entity or Pure Being. The circles represent:

The Soul Entity comprises:
1 - The Uncreated Center of the Soul Entity.- the Presence of Pure unmanifested Being
2 - The Spiritual Witness. - Perfect Model - Christ - Buddha Consciousness
3 - The Permanent Witness - the blue-print - the SEED for a given incarnation 
4 - The Psyche.- "the bridge" linking  - "I Am"
5 - The Ego - Limited consciousness - self consciousness - ego - "I am, me"

These circles overlap and project their own qualities and light on to each other as the various energies and impulses circulate between themselves. Thoughts and emotions are projected on the mirror of self-consciousness, revealing to us the light or shade aspect of each circle.

From the undifferentiated unity of the Center of Pure Being to the circumference of the outermost circle representing self-consciousness, we understand intuitively that the inner work awakens self-consciousness to the unifying level of consciousness called Christ Consciousness, the self that is aware of breathing and being the consciousness of the whole.


The psyche and the Permanent witness

The psyche is the manifested part of the needs and impulses coming from the permanent witness, directed towards our developing and spiritualizing ego. In other words, the psyche represents the soul personality in incarnation, unfolding our individual karma. However, what goes on in our ego also influences our psyche. Hence, the psyche could be compared to a very sensitive instrument that registers all the emotions and thoughts that affect our ego and the permanent witness. The psyche is also a bridge, since it attends to the exchange of experiences between the two via dreams, intuitions, creativity, etc. Via the channels of emotions and thoughts, the psyche sends and receives "messages" through strong or subtle impulses that leave their mark and make an impact.

How do we go about harmonizing the psyche and ego with the permanent witness? We must first purify the thoughts and emotions of our ego and psyche so that the mirror of consciousness can clearly and perfectly register the impulses coming from the permanent witness. However, it is not so much the intellectual ideas and thoughts that impact our psyche or change our level of consciousness, but more our personal intent, commitment, and understanding and intuitive knowledge of the transcendent meaning of our ideals. Indeed, we must learn to concentrate and meditate as often as possible on them, since they are the leaven helping the rising and unfoldment of our spiritual qualities and, consequently, of the manifestation of higher levels of consciousness in us.

These, then, are the materials that forge their way deeply in our psyche. However, our consciousness must also take part in these subtle operations. Hence, our personal discernment and focus in our daily activities will also develop a deep and intimate method of working reflecting our personal ideals and goals in life. This is a good and safe way of doing inner work since it guides us from within, showing us how best to experience what needs to surface and become apparent on a conscious level. Of course, these delicate operations are always tailored to our individual possibilities and level of consciousness.

The psyche and the mirror of Consciousness

Now, a strong link exists between the psyche and the mirror of consciousness because the psyche reflects the permanent witness concealed and imprinted in the seed of man. Moreover, since, the psyche is also sensitive to what appears on the mirror of our consciousness, it can also be influenced by the reflected images that our ego projects on to it. Hence, the psyche reflects the seed ideas of our permanent witness to our ego but, at the same time, projects our ego’s thoughts and emotions to our  Permanent Witness.


The Soul Entity comprises: (recapitulation)
1 - The Uncreated Center of the Soul Entity.- the Presence of Pure unmanifested Being
2 - The Spiritual Witness. - Perfect Model - Christ - Buddha Consciousness
3 - The Permanent Witness - the blue-print - the SEED for a given incarnation 
4 - The Psyche.- "the bridge" linking  - "I Am"
5 - The Ego - Limited consciousness - self consciousness - ego - "I am, me"

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Please remember that the use of symbolic words are to facilitate and explain as much as possible the unfolding spiritual process within a seeker. Explanations about "the Spiritual and Permanent Witnesses" are given on this website. To find them please refer to:
"The Mystery of Man part 1-2-3-4".

(Remember that you can change terminologies and words, replacing them with your choice of symbols and wordings. What is important is the meaning and the understanding you have of them. By discovering "your" inner process, you unfold the path that is best suited to you.)

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