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Often, I receive emails from seekers who after having read these messages find that they were being helped by them, so they write to me in an enthusiastic mood, congratulating me for having put in writing my concepts and philosophy on this website, which was created with the sole intention to help seekers explore and what can be of interest and helpful to them.  However, sometimes I receive an email saying that I should not have divulged what is secret and which belongs to secret traditional organizations... The truth is, however, that whatever is written on this website has no connection, whatsoever, with any of these schools, they are the product of my own experiences, and apart from my own concepts, I have added the concepts and philosophies of mystics that I admire and have something in common with. Therefore, I would like just to clarify a point, which is that whatever is written on this website can also be found in many books that are on the shelves of bookshops and displayed in public libraries...

 The times have come that what was hidden in the past can now to be openly shared with whoever can understand and resonate with these sacred mystical teachings... There is no harm, whatsoever, in any of these concepts and they can help only those who can attune to them...

 Moreover, I have the blessings of my Master and that is enough to me... My heart is pure and I know that what I do is part of my mission and concerns no one else...

Thank you for your attention.

With affection


 To those seekers whose destiny brings them to this website

 by Bob

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I have been an active Rosicrucian for 44 years and an active Freemason for 41 years, and would like to reinforce the fact that the dissemination of “true mystical knowledge” via the internet is the “new” method of the GWB to reach and teach those seekers who are ready to receive these lessons. The “old” method of selection, involving small groups meeting in secluded places, and by way of correspondence courses via the postal services, does not reach all the seekers that are ready and prepared for this knowledge in these “new” and more “enlightened” times.

 This information is not harmful. For only those who are “ready”, and have eyes to “see” and ears to “hear”, will find any benefit from it, or for that matter, will even be interested in it.

For those of you who are following a traditional school or path, you will find that the articles, lessons, and exercises on this site, are a valuable adjunct to your regular monographs and lessons. You can also have a choice of registering on our excellent secure forum (which is free) where you can ask questions, understand cosmic principles, and “air” your opinions.

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In conclusion, a quote from the Tibetan book, UNTO THEE I GRANT, is appropriate.

“Bow down your heads into the dust, O ye inhabitants of earth! Be silent and receive with reverence these instructions from on high.

Wheresoever's the sun doth shine, wheresoever's the wind doth blow, wheresoever's there is an ear to hear, and a mind to conceive; there let the precepts of life be made known, let the maximums of truth be honored and obeyed.”

 In love, light, and life, Bob 

 *Nota bene: The word Cosmic Consciousness which is used on this website is not necessarily a Rosicrucian term; it is a word that expresses enlightenment or awakening
and can be found written in many mystical books, such as the classic book: "Cosmic Consciousness"  by author Richard Maurice Bucke, M.D


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