Special Exercise : 9

  The Flame and The Divine Mold     

Precede this exercise by exercises 1 and 2.

The following exercise should be done in the Temple of Light. 

Enter your Sacred Cell in the Temple of Light. Imagine a burning flame, dancing, drawing ever-changing designs in the air. Look into it as it moves, and try to experience its fiery quality. As you visualize this flame, think about fire and its manifestations in the psyche: personal warmth and radiance, flaming love or joy, fiery enthusiasm, ardor.

With the flame in front of your inner eye, slowly imagine that the fire is animating you and purifying your aura. Then become that flame and let yourself transform the fire into a pure dazzling light within you. You are embodied by light; the light of your soul has become that light. Feel it transforming your whole being. You have entered into your Divine Mold. Rest in it for a while and enjoy the experience.

Journal your experiences and impressions, amplifying on the impressions and intuitions received, and your feelings, insights, thoughts and dreams, for they are the result of your contact with the inner planes.

Do this exercise two to three times a week, remembering that while you do it, you are also attuning to the spiritual dimension of your being.

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