Your Divine Perfect Model


If you have followed the instructions and have done all the previous meditations with the right intentions and a pure heart, you will then be magnetically attracted to your Divine Perfect Model that is now resonating in you. This will happen because you have entered its Perfect Mold and have energized its sacred number.

This part of your mystical work will rest on synchronistic happenings in your life, and you will be given, from within the inner planes and the physical plane, an image and a semblance of your Perfect Model. What is imprinted in your Perfect Mold will appear in your life and together, you will vibrate and unfold within yourself the inner qualities that belong to it. And as a Server of Light, you will, like many others, be one of the expressions manifesting your Perfect Model. And like them, you will also have a duty to serve and awaken other self-conscious beings, helping them to activate their own Perfect Mold and Perfect Model.

This part of the work is personal and silent. By now, will have been given ample personal proof of what happens during your spiritual awakening process. This inner work will have also taught you that you are never alone, that you are really guided by the invisible hand of your soul, your permanent witness

     For more details on the Permanent Witness and the Spiritual Witness, see the articles in the “Mystery of Man” series.

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