Special Exercise : 10.A

Practical Work With The Sacred Chalice


This section offers a powerful symbol that you can use in your inner work, in addition to the image of the Perfect Model of your choice (What appeared to me from within was the Image of the Cosmic Christ). First try to attune with the sacred Image, meditating on it as often as you wish. You can also combine this sacred work with the ten specially prepared exercises. Attunement with the Cosmic Christ, or any other Perfect Expression of Primordial Wisdom will cause its magnetic energy to pour into your being, impregnating and purifying your aura. It will also resonate and transfer its subtle soul qualities in your consciousness, until your Perfect Model’s Divine Face and yours unite and become your Angelic Face.

  Symbology of the Sacred Chalice

 The Sacred Chalice offers four important “keys” to work with: the trident, the word psi, the chalice itself and the grail. However, the circle, the triangle, the central axis and the colors are also important keys.

The trident is the symbol of the god Neptune/Poseidon, and denotes his command of the waters, which symbolically represent the emotions and the astral planes of being. Hence the trident is the instrument that “raises” and “stills” the emotions.  It is therefore closely linked to the astral body and the way we act and react on all the planes of existence.

In itself, the trident is a solar emblem and, with its prongs, it mingles and transforms the “waters” of the astral plane within our being. The prongs are the fiery and purifying tools that pierce, penetrate and transform all our mental and emotional patterns.

In India, the trishula or trident is the emblem of the god Shiva, the transformer and destroyer of energies. In Buddhism, the trident is a symbol of the triratna or triple jewel. It may also be regarded as the triple current of energy in Tantrism - the Sushuma in the center and the ida and pingala on either side.

The trident-shaped Greek letter psi Y usually represents soul, but in this book, it represents the psyche, which is linked to the lower mental and astral bodies. It is the psychic part in humans that receives both the impulses and reactions coming from the ego or self-consciousness, and also the impulses and inspirations coming from the soul. Hence the psyche is the “meeting place” where the limited and unlimited aspects of all our experiences mingle. It is, therefore, also related to memory, which is why it must be purified so that the connection between the ego and soul functions properly. 

In this website, the Chalice represents the Perfect Mold into which the seeker of truth plunges, letting himself be totally immersed in its purifying divine influences, leading to purification by Divine Grace. It is the place where the seeker receives the Holy Spirit and undergoes the Baptism of Fire, which is why the Chalice represents the consecrated vessel for transformation and rebirth into the Christ or Cosmic Consciousness. The Chalice can be seen as the font in which flows the divine grace to nourish, nurture and finally adorn us with the “garment” of our divine nature.

The Chalice represents many different things to many mystics. For example, it is the vessel in which the Blood of Christ and soma, or the nectar and beverage of ancient Gods, were kept. It is the sacred place “within,” in which all spiritual transformations take place and, through self-consciousness, the seeker of truth enters into the realm of Cosmic Consciousness.

  The Circle the circle and the dot share certain symbolic properties, namely perfection, completeness. While the primeval dot symbolizes immanent perfection, the circle may also symbolize the results of creation. It is the development and manifestation of the Spiritual DNA or Divine Seed.

The Grail in these essays represents the complete transformation of human nature into its Divine counterpart. Hence the Grail represents Christ substance and Consciousness. We could say that the Grail is the Perfect Model and the Chalice is the Perfect Mold in which all inner processes occur. 

I recommend drawing and coloring the diagram yourself  (using thick paper) so that it manifests and unfolds its potency and quality in your psyche. Use a brilliant and dazzling gold color for the chalice, the four triangles and the tridents, and a paler gold for the inside of the circle. Use the diagram as a mandala and meditate on it, as it contains the whole process of unfolding Cosmic Consciousness. I recommend also that you sit comfortably in a meditative position and place the diagram in front of you. Concentrate on the diagram for a while. Then close your eyes and visualize it coming alive in your mind’s eye. Make it vibrate with life and energy. Gradually, make it become larger and larger and see yourself plunge into the pool of energies. Stay in that state for a few moments and when you feel refreshed and rejuvenated, come out of your meditation knowing that the blueprint of this sacred diagram is still working within you. You can do this exercise as many times as you wish.

For more details of the Sacred Chalice, see “The Importance of Dreams in the Mystical Process,” and the “Mystery of Man” on this website (part: 1,2,3,4).

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