A Chalice shall you be, a Holy Grail
 All emptied and receptive to my filling.

In the practical work that we have before us we shall regard the Grail as our receptivity to the divine vocation that we are called to perform. In some Eastern systems of yoga a small picture of the master or guru is visualized in the heart center. Do the same, but instead of projecting an image become your Perfect Model and then visualize the Grail. You may choose to visualize the one that worked for me, but it can be any other cup or dish or any form of container that your intuition and imagination suggests.

Remember that the Perfect Model represents  -  the lost Heavenly Beloved - Your Divine Self..

Visualize,  the Grail, before your heart. You may well find that it tends to coalesce with your physical heart inside your breast. You may feel your heart blazing or receive other reactions. This is a subjective test showing you that your inner process is working and a sign that you are unfolding the "Perfect Mold" - "your spiritual DNA"  - and that you are entering a new level of  concentration and attunement with the Masters of Wisdom and the source of Primordial Wisdom.

The building of this symbol of the Grail aligns one with the whole Eucharistic tradition, going back to pre-Christian days of the sacrament of bread and wine. In written tradition this goes back to the strange being Melchizedek, whose effigy is to be found in Chartres Cathedral, to whom Christ was likened in the Epistle of the Hebrews.

This Melchizedek, King of Salem, priest of God Most High, met Abraham returning from the rout of the kings and blessed him; and Abraham gave him a tithe of everything as his portion. His name, in the first place, means "King of righteousness"; next he is king of Salem, that is, "king of peace". He has no father, no mother, no lineage; his years have no beginning, his life no end. He is like the Son of God; he remains a priest for all time. Consider now how great he must be for Abraham the patriarch to give him a tithe of the finest of the spoil. ( So far, Hebrews Chapter 7. The original reference to Melchizedek is to be found in Genesis 14.)

The use of this symbol of the Grail is in itself an act of consecration and one's readiness to become aware of the Will of God or Pure Being in one's own life and destiny. In this consecration to Destiny, one does well to realize that one is never alone, however lone or long the furrow one has to plough may seem.  

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