Visualizing , Imagining and Creating
A Perfect Model

In these pages, I share my spiritual and mystical experiences with whomever can attune and resonate with the messages and seed ideas contained herein. Those readers will welcome them as confirmation of their own quest and inner discoveries, while those who are not yet open to discover or understand their own mystery will find them outrageous.

What I reveal on this part of my essays is a secret and sacred part of my life of which even my closest family and friends know nothing. In the following pages, you will find ways to unfold your spiritual self, this being your center of Being-ness. I demonstrate how to become aware of seed ideas that are engraved in the soul of all human beings, and ways to energize and awaken them.

These messages have been written to help you, the reader, discover how to approach your own mystery. The search begins in earnest when the need to discover your real identity unfolds within you and a question reverberates and echoes in the center of your heart: “Who Am I?”

Exploring Consciousness and the Essence of Reality

The theme of this website is the exploration of the nature of consciousness. The problem, however, is that words, those limited expressions of the mind, cannot explain the unchanging, unlimited nature of pure consciousness. All they can do is point to the absolute state of consciousness that is the Center of Pure Being, the nature of which cannot be described in words. What, then, is the purpose of writing about this subject if words cannot convey the truth about it to others? What is the point of writing about consciousness, when the result will not change anybody’s level of consciousness?

The point is that this website can potentially steer you in a new direction, show how to proceed in your quest, and inspire those who are in harmony with the essence of these messages coming from the Source of Being. The messages are intended to harmonize you with seed ideas, signs and symbols scattered here and there in the messages, keys that will open up for you the abstract world of hidden and dormant knowledge that is inherent in your center of pure consciousness. These seed ideas will resonate within you, become clearer, and fall into place in your psyche because, through their essence and symbols, you will be prepared to intuitively pass through the gateway to your own inner universe. Subsequently, your own Center of Pure Being and the center of the Universe will gradually blend and harmonize, and consciousness will have recognized its own reflection in the mirror of consciousness.   

Our own consciousness creates the world around us that we take to be real. Why “consciousness” rather than intellect or mind? Because unless we concentrate and become conscious of things in which we are interested, our “thinking” and “emotional” processes will not register their existence. We will remain unconscious and ignorant of them since these things will not make an impact on us, therefore they will not exist for us and thus will not be created. If your mental and emotional creations are not in harmony with mine, my creation will remain unknown and non-existent to you, and in the same manner, your creations will not exist for me. From our own perspective, none of us will be able to register our different visions of reality, unless I can show you how you can be involved and interested in what I do, and how I see and live my personal reality, and you do the same for me. Thus, at a certain point, if we want to “meet” each other, we must go beyond our limited perception of reality and search for common ground.

Unless we open up and become interested in each others’ way of being, and search for common understanding of the essence of reality, life will remain a mystery to us. So the first step in opening up and understanding our differences is to be aware of the limitations imposed by our ego. It is our egos that separate “my” reality from “your” reality. Fortunately, there are ways of interacting and respecting each others’ different ways of “being in the world.”

The average person who is not a seeker identifies perfectly with his ego, and is not worried about his ego or how others perceive truth and reality. The seeker, on the other hand, knows that ego is the problem, that it must be under the control of the soul, that it needs to loosen and open up, that it must be transformed so that the soul can express the Divine qualities within the human psyche. For its part, the ego, the self-consciousness in a human being, must understand and realize intellectually through life’s experiences that it is only a distorted “image” of the soul, because the ego “is” the identified consciousness of the center of pure consciousness. The goal of the spiritual process is simply to make the ego realize that it has no independent existence, that it is merely a reflection of the Divine Essence that is at the source of consciousness. Thus, we can say that the ego, or limited consciousness of man, is a restricted perception of creation.

What is creation, anyway? 
The manifestation of consciousness itself. Since consciousness needs a vehicle to become aware of itself, it can only do so by expressing itself in the world of duality. Is this a paradox? Not at all! The impersonal level of consciousness, or Cosmic Consciousness, the Essence of Being remains unchanged and does not create anything. It is the Void, the center of inactivity, of silence and just being, the “stuff” from which impersonal Cosmic Consciousness expands and enters vehicles that become individual, limited reflections of it.

However, apart from the self-consciousness of the ego, which makes one aware that “I am me,” there are two more important levels of consciousness. The second awakening of consciousness still functions in the ego and the world of duality and dualism and it says, “I AM conscious of being a direct individual expression of the soul or God.”

The third level of consciousness can be defined as,  “I AM the central source of consciousness pervading everything that is created and uncreated.” The ego cannot experience this third level of Consciousness because it belongs to the “neutral axial pole” within being, in which the Law of Duality disappears. This level of consciousness no longer takes “form” since it is the source of omnipotent and omnipresent consciousness itself. Thus from this axial center of Being within man, limited consciousness of the ego returns to merge into its own Uncreated Center of Absolute Consciousness. 

This is the key that will unleash the gates of your true Being. You will pass through various inner processes that will, throughout your life, reflect different levels of consciousness, until that moment when you become aware that you have an inner “model” that follows each of your steps, a spiritual mapping showing you how to proceed in your quest. It is a thread that you must follow to reach an inner purified plane that leads to pure consciousness, in which your astral and mental bodies will be ready to be “reshaped” in the Divine “mold.” In this Perfect Mold, your self-consciousness will blend with the essence of your soul, encompassing within it its divine ethereal features. This mold will chisel your Divine Face within all of your subtle bodies, and in time, you will become conscious and know it well. 


When you, the seeker, attune and connect with your Divine Face and express it here on the physical plane, you will still have to “live” in dualism. This means, that your Divine Face manifests and is attuned to everything you do through your human faculties. Hence, all your experiences and the work you do bear the imprint of the essence of your soul and are therefore reflected in whatever you do, say or think on this plane of existence. This is “living in dualism,” and is completely different from the world in which people “live as duality.”

Dualism means that the Divine faculties in you express through human attributes, here on this plane of existence, while the world of duality means that self-consciousness and soul-consciousness are separate and therefore in conflict. Duality is a world of paradoxes and extreme opposites that co-exist, yet are at war with each other.

An obvious example:
I was given a name at birth, I am a married woman, and enjoy the company of family and friends, yet I also know that I must share whatever my intuition and “intelligence of the heart” dictate. Hence this website. On my journey, I discovered my Divine Face and entered the Perfect Mold, in which I am taking the shape imprinted in my consciousness.

On one level, my name is Alice, yet it is a mask, a clever disguise. In truth, I am simply energy coming from the unmanifested Presence of Being.

Through the essence of our Soul or pure Essence, each of us is impregnated by a “Perfect Model”, the manifestation of the unmanifested and uncreated Spirit that is potentially engrained in our Being and reflects in our psyche. As individuals, we become conscious of its existence only when certain impulses and experiences have been aroused and stimulated in the subconscious and subjective parts of our psyche. This means that our quest to understand our own mystery, the mystery of the meaning of life itself, begins just then and can never really exist before that crucial moment.

On this website, I encourage you to begin in earnest your search for the beloved Presence within you that is your Divine Face. This presence will gradually reflect itself back to you through dreams, insights and intuitions, slowly revealing the mold of your pure Being in which you will have to enter so as to take a “new shape” and receive the new features (qualities) of your Divine Face. That is indeed, my dearest wish.   

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