PART : 2

Contacting and creating the Perfect Model

About Free Will

We have free will only when our soul personality is not yet in touch with our ego personality, in other words, when the soul and ego are not in harmony, when there is no direct contact. Hence, the soul leaves the ego alone to experience whatever it wants to experience. Pleasures, desires, strong emotions of all kinds, and compulsive needs are all necessary steps that we have to take in the process of awakening. However, things start to change when the ego ripens and needs to experience another aspect of its own mystery. Then, a Divine image appears, a Divine face calls the ego to awaken and look in the mirror of its true self. There, an invisible presence makes its appearance and influences the ego. From that moment on, we are no longer free. A higher will guides our steps and we feel ready to attune to the impulses coming from a different source.

Where and what is this source? It is the inspiration and guidance coming from what Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, Plotinus and others called the daemon, which is a reflected image and a projection, an extension and manifestation of the Energy of the Soul, a guiding influence, a good invisible companion that accompanies each ego personality towards its awakening process. In other words, the daemon is the projection of our inner guide, a counselor and intimate friend, a teacher and advisor who takes care of us while we are traveling in the inner and outer worlds of our experiences. ("Deamon" should not to be confused with a demon).

If you choose to take this path, you should not be surprised to discover that synchronicity follows you everywhere and directs your steps, veering you in unsuspected and sometimes unknown directions. When this time comes, do not hesitate. Follow your lucky star and allow your intuition to guide you. And when your mind lets go, abandon everything, follow the intelligence of your heart, and let this magic moment happen. Like the bouncing ball, trust and let yourself fall into the abyss of your own being, for there, you will never be alone. An invisible hand will hold you all the way down where sweet Eros (pure spiritual love) awaits you. Then, real life and existence bounces back into your life and it appears in the form of a good friend, the daemon, which is a projected image of your soul, that gradually manifests in your inner life, directing your spiritual unfoldment until you meet with someone who is enlightened being and with whom you will begin working. He or she will be your physical initiator, the silent guide who will skillfully take you around the maze of your psyche.

True initiation awakens pure consciousness of Being and has nothing to do with outer rituals that are only the preparatory steps towards this end. The real awakening process begins on this plane of existence but its goal is to reach another one that belongs to the soul. Thus at the right moment, an enlightened person living on this plane should show up in your life and guide you through the various realms that need to be awakened within your being. This teacher will subtly show you that a physical plane event could also open a passage to another dimension. In other words, the role of such a wise teacher is to activate the dormant spiritual energies within you and show you how to live on “two planes” at the same time.




and the process of Spiritual Psychology

However, remember that it is your intuition that will tell you if you are resonating with it. Your Soul will then do the rest and unveil for you the perfect MOLD in which as “self conscious being” you will gradually integrate. meditate and resonate with the center of beingness and allow an impression and a feeling to emerge. This process of attunement to your Perfect Model can be a long one, or a short one. This does not matter. Remember that within you exists your Perfect Model - The Essence and Quality of the Perfect Model is one. It is omnipresent and Omnipotent in every human being. What changes, is the reflection of its Image. For some it is the Cosmic and androgynous aspect of Christ, for other it is an expression and quality of  a Cosmic Buddha (Samantabhadra), or of any other great avatar. Avatars are the expressions of the unique and universal Perfect Model. The blueprint and image engrained in our psyche. This is the key that invites the Perfect Model to appear and take "form" within our consciousness and express itself in the world of duality.  

Hence, this is my gift to you, dear readers. I am giving you the same opportunity as I was given many years ago to work with a sacred icon, remembering always, that its "magic" happens only if you can RESONATE with it and attune to your own Perfect Model and enter gradually its consecrated MOLD. However,  remember that your Perfect Model can "look" different, but the Energy and Quality of its inner Wisdom and Quality remain forever the same in your consciousness.  


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