One of the Perfect Models
.  I will explain my nature: It is a unique Essence
 that infuses consciousness in everyone. 
It is the Presence of Being-ness in consciousness"
  the single state of consciousness of the individual

(The following explanations are given to situate my inner process and show how I came to recognize and gradually learn how to unfold "my" Perfect Model)

Who I am? I remain a mystery to myself, a mystery that I share with every incarnated soul on this planet. For those with whom I come into worldly contact, I must look a bit odd and mysterious. Why? Simply because I am empty and open, involved yet detached from everything I do. I have fun and enjoy life, but I have no strong opinion on anything, since intuition and contemplation make me see things in ever-changing perspectives. I am a free traveler, a constant pilgrim, open to experience everything coming my way. As a human being, the most important thing is to awaken the spiritual dimension of consciousness and in so doing, experience a more profound reality that I can share and pass on to whoever comes my way and has the same ideals.   

My inner quest

Since childhood, I had received meaningful teachings in my dreams. Through lucid dreaming, I explored a very different world from my everyday reality in which one moment I could be experiencing blissful and uplifting experience, and would suddenly fall into a hellish and infernal one. From ecstasy and awe, I would plunge into pain and distress. These inner states were no dreams but part of the subtle inner adjustments that were necessary for my psyche to help awaken to its true nature. 

I knew that my spiritual inner quest needed to be rooted in a psychological approach. I had to ground these two different approaches and find a way to blend and harmonize them. This was a much better way to heal and unblock the trapped subconscious energies. Thus, I found that my training in Psychosynthesis was definitely helping me to look at myself from a new perspective. This “new way” was emerging through my process as a silent witness from within the center of consciousness.  I was becoming a silent observer of myself, and through this incredible transformation, a subtle ethereal bridge was starting to link the two opposite energies within me, uplifting my consciousness to new heights. In retrospect, this “inner” bridge was the link that grounded me. Like Jacob’s Ladder, it was a channel opening new doors within myself.

I noticed, however, that bridging and harmonizing the two extreme energies within me made me aware of some subtle qualities that were starting to emerge from my psyche. For example, I noticed that when I observed my own psychological process, something different was operating within me. My conscious self accepted whatever was surfacing from within, with a kind of compassion and understanding, a peaceful feeling towards my own ego. From the depths of my psyche, something was telling me that everything was going to be okay. When negative things surfaced in my consciousness during meditation, or dreams, rather than the old embarrassment was a more loving and nurturing way.

My dreams were filled with vivid, powerful experiences that were initiations, doors within doors opening and unfolding new levels of consciousness. At first, it was a mixture of levels of consciousness coming from past incarnations that needed to be purified. Other levels appeared, too, more uplifting and blissful. I saw the quickening and awakening levels of consciousness as “seeds” that needed to be purified and protected from the outside invading paradoxes that psychology was offering me. And, while maturing in the silent darkness of my subconscious, these “seeds” were impacting my dreams. So, without understanding how this inner process worked, I was nonetheless starting to empty and purify an inner space within me in which these experiences were delicately transformed as “new seeds.”

Through intuition and inner guidance, I realized that I had to transform the psychological aspect of my ego into a pure empty vessel to be used by my soul. So, everything that was hidden in my subconscious had first to surface gradually to the level of my consciousness. I knew intuitively that I needed to find a “Middle Way,” an approach that would show me how to merge the two extreme poles of ego and soul, synthesizing and uniting them into something new, so that the ego became the empty vessel for the soul to pour in its essence. However, I later discovered that by being “emptied” of its past patterns, the ego transmuted itself into a vehicle of pure awareness and consciousness. Yes! My ego was just starting to become a medium for the soul.

This was how I discovered the “Middle Way,” which meant that the light of consciousness was no longer trapped in a cloudy and opaque vessel, but started to shine through a cleansed and clearer level of consciousness.


"Or The Consciousness of Pure Being-ness"

An Incredible Experience

The Ideal Model in these essays is the one that "appeared" to me as a real Living Presence of pure dazzling Light during a sacred initiation that I received from within the inner planes in 1985 whilst studying psychosynthesis in London. Strangely, nine years later in 1994, while visiting my teacher Raymond Bernard at his home, in Paris, (John in my autobiography)  I received the shock of my life when, out of the blue and unexpectedly, Raymond silently reached for a small mosaic painting out of a dark corner behind a door of his office and handed it over to me. I could not believe what I was holding in my hands …I was in total disarray.  The impact that this image had on me was one of, stupefaction, amazement and incredible awe. How could the Presence of Christ that I lived and experienced during my extraordinary and important inner experience, suddenly appear on the physical plane and how could I be holding the Image in my hands…here, in the house of my Teacher?

Long after these two experiences, I passed a copy of this beautiful Perfect Model of the Cosmic Christ to special people with whom I work and that I felt could be in harmony with it. These are members of different spiritual groups that I associate with here in Cyprus and from different parts of the world. As a result, many have received the same impulses and impressions that I had received. This Image has had an amazing effect on seekers who attune and resonate with it, because it affects and awakes their energy fields and consciousness.

( Remember that for your Perfect Model to "appear" and become part of your ordinary level of consciousness, your ego must first let go of distorted  "models" and let itself "merge" with the center of pure Being.) .  

An other advice, is that you cannot turn to God or your pure center of Being [or, the Self] without turning away your attention  from the little ego self, - from the "me" and "mine"...


To unfold the "Perfect Model" is a step in the right direction... it helps you to RESONATE with the concealed Energy of your sacred Image.. your concentration may help you to merge into a state of openness and alert passivity, in which true contemplation becomes possible, but on the other hand, it could result in some kind of false, incomplete or confused contemplation... Just be aware that the divine Ground of all being reveals itself only to those in whom there is no ego-concentration of any kind of volition, thought or feeling...

This truth is summed up when Meister Eckhart says: " He who seeks God under settled form lays hold of the form, while missing the God concealed in it. " The point clearly is to seek God or the Source of Being provisionally  under a form which from the beginning is clearly recognized as merely a SYMBOL OF REALITY,  a mere signboard or a pointer that must some time or other be discarded in favor of what it stands for : " To seek Him under a settled form - settled because regarded as the very shape of Reality - is to commit oneself to illusion and a kind of idolatry."

Thus the Sufi mystic Rumi writes in the "Sufi religious" vein:

Love came and like blood filled my veins and tissues, Emptied me of myself and filled me with the Friend, The friend has taken possession of every atom of my being. The name is all that I have left now — all the rest is He.

Truth did not come into the world naked, but it came in the types and images. It will not receive it in any other fashion. There is a rebirth and an image of rebirth. It is fitting for those who do not only receive the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, but have obtained them for themselves. If anyone does not obtain them for himself, the name also will be taken from him. But one receives them in the chrism of the fullness of the power of the Cross, which the apostles call the right and the left. For this one is no longer a Christian but a Christ.

 (From :Meditations: Trinity Sunday)




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