A Program Of 10 Special Exercises 
To Unfold The Perfect Model  


This section offers ten exercises and one of the Perfect Models, a diagram that explains how this particular inner process works once you have put into practice all ten exercises. These exercises should be done on daily for at least five to six months. However, intuition is the best guide and, if there is a need to prolong the time you practice a particular exercise, or wait between two exercises, please honor your intuition.

These exercises show you how this profound mystical process unfolds within your psyche. It explains how the Perfect Mold, or spiritual DNA, transforms your self-consciousness into a unity with the Cosmic Consciousness of your Perfect Model. I can only hint at the process here, for your intuition will bring you answers that are yours alone, each answer being a seed idea that will awaken a subtle energy or vibration within your consciousness and, in time, these seed ideas will work together to manifest their qualities in your life. The whole process begins and ends with consciousness, starting with self-consciousness and ending with Cosmic Consciousness.

The Sacred Chalice and Sacred Grail diagrams contain symbolic and potent “keys” that explain the unfolding inner process of purification, illumination and enlightenment.

These exercises are to be developed on your own with the aid of your intuition. What follows is a general idea of the inner spiritual process that has worked for me and brought me face-to-face with my ideal model so as to integrate my conscious self into its Divine Mold, but please allow your intuition to customize them for you. They are one way of unfolding this incredible process within you, one that I hope will help you as much as it has helped me. Please read this entire chapter and begin only when you are sure that you understand all the steps. If you wish, you can tape them.

Each of the phases of this work will unfold your inner process and energize seed ideas for your awakening and enlightenment, hence when performed in the right frame of mind, they will develop in your psyche in a natural way. The symbols you will be working with are universal “keys” opening to powerful subtle energies within your being.

The exercises are:

1 - Breathing meditation.

2 - Rainbow cocoon.

3 - Cave Meditation

4 - Creating your Sacred Cell.

5 -  Manifesting your Inner Guide.

6 -  Attuning to your Soul. 

7 -  The Temple of Light.

8 -  The Flame and the Divine Mold.

9 -  Creating your Divine Mold.

10 - Your Divine Perfect Model.

If pauses occur naturally between the phases, accept them for they represent assimilation time. Also, keep a journal of your inner journey, as this will be helpful later. 

Before starting any mystical work:

1.       Make sure that you will not be disturbed.

2.    Sit comfortably on a chair or the floor with your back erect, or lie down. Make yourself comfortable.

3.     Close your eyes and relax as deeply as possible.

4.    Always begin with the breathing exercise, inhaling the pure atmosphere that you have created around you and exhaling all the stale air and stresses that you carry within you. 

      Later you will learn how to visualize and create a consecrated atmosphere in and around you     



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