Special Exercise : 3

  Cave Meditation 

Remember that these exercises are to be developed on your own with the aid of your intuition. What follows is a general idea of the inner spiritual process that has worked for me and brought me face-to-face with my ideal model so as to integrate my conscious self into its Divine Mold, but please allow your intuition to customize them for you. They are one way of unfolding this incredible process within you, one that I hope will help you as much as it has helped me. Please read this entire chapter and begin only when you are sure that you understand all the steps. If you wish, you can tape them.

Each of the phases of this work will unfold your inner process and energize seed ideas for your awakening and enlightenment, hence when performed in the right frame of mind, they will develop in your psyche in a natural way. The symbols you will be working with are universal “keys” opening to powerful subtle energies within your being.    

Exercise 3: Cave Meditation 

      Precede any inner work with exercises 1 and 2 as they will purify you from the negativity and stresses that have been accumulated during your daily activities and help you enter a higher spiritual plane.  

When you are ready, invite your intuition to accompany you on your inner journey. If you wish, you can ask your intuition to take a special symbolic “form” for you, allowing your intuition to choose how it wants to appear for you. Always accept the first impression that comes.

1 - Together, see yourselves enter a dark cave. Make the cave as real as you can, and, like a hermit, put yourself in this atmosphere for a while. In this dark and humid place, reflect on your life, on who you think you are, and what you have done with your life.

2 - Look at the events in your life and relive the most important. Watch them play out as if you were viewing yourself in a movie, observing from your impersonal center of being, the ego patterns that you have created. At all times during your introspection, remember to remain in touch with the center of pure consciousness and from that neutral point, reflect on the qualities that you have developed and come to know well. Rekindle your goals and aspirations. Let your guide be the witness of your reflections and if you feel that you need its assistance, ask for it. You will find this period of self-discovery rewarding because it will bring up forgotten memories that need to be consciously discarded.

3 - Try to spend time in your cave everyday, in the morning and at night before going to sleep. Do not attempt to fantasize or imagine things happening around you. Try to remain calm and meditative even in your visualization. You create the atmosphere within yourself to invite the impulses coming from your soul to assist you in this inner process. This inner space allows you to let go of everything you no longer need. You are learning to get in touch with the energy of the archetypal Hermit, which means that you are letting go of all the illusions of the world and entering a place within you where your inner desire for purification will unfold. Hence your intent has to be real and powerful.

This is personal work and you will need to create this astral place by yourself with your thoughts and emotions. In this way, you will also create the astral body of the Hermit, which your consciousness will inhabit whenever you are in your cave.

By doing this kind of inner work, you are assisting your soul in pouring into your psyche the qualities and power needed to unfold higher levels of consciousness. You are also helping yourself to understand better the mystery of who you really are.

    ·   4- Try exercise 3 for at least a week, and when you feel ready, move on to exercise

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