Special Exercise : 4

 Creating Your Sacred Cell

     Always precede exercise 4 by exercises 1 and 2. 

When you feel ready, visualize that the room around you is dissolving completely in an ocean of high spiritual vibrations. Let the waves of energy of your imagination transport you far away, say, to the top of a sacred mountain.

Within yourself, unfold the energetic qualities of the Hermit, a seeker of solitude and rest from the turmoil of the world. Look around you and sense that you are a lone traveler, seeking to find refuge. Try to get in touch with the feeling of being a traveler who needs to create a sacred space. Your intuition will guide your search, and find the perfect spot for you. As always, accept the first impression that you receive.

The place your intuition finds for you will be rooted in your ethereal and mystical heart and will be your axial pole, the pillar of consciousness and your point of contact, which will harmonize all the magnetic energies among your subtle bodies. This place will be a consecrated and most holy inner space, where the energies of the earth and sky will meet, where the temporal and transient part of your life will blend and transmute into the infinity of Pure Being.

Let your intuition guide you in the construction of your holy place, the place you will come to pray, meditate, contemplate, reflect and receive intuitive impulses from the higher realms. It will be the place where you will make contact and commune with your soul and higher intelligences. After finding the right place to construct your Sacred Cell, in your mindís eye, make your holy place as simple as possible, putting in only what you really need, such as a bed, a chair, a table, a candle, a few books and a small window. The atmosphere that you create within your cell is vital, as its atmosphere will resonate in your mystical heart and consciousness. It will also prepare you for the process that will put you in touch with your spiritual DNA.

Visualize light creating your Sacred Cell. It takes form as you watch, and as you begin to experience the creation of your cell within your being, feel its vibrations blending softly with the light in your aura, energizing your whole being with its blazing light.

Once you have successfully created your Sacred Cell, you can project yourself in this holy place whenever you feel like it. It is a special space within you where you will receive and exchange sacred knowledge and commune with the Masters of Wisdom, each of whom represents a sacred mold, a characteristic type of spiritual DNA. By visiting often this sacred place, you will become a consecrated being, and come to realize that a silent presence resides behind your ego presence ó your Perfect Model, the mold that you will, in time, penetrate. The Perfect Mold is also called robe of glory and the body of light.

     After you have constructed your Sacred Cell and you feel in harmony in it, move on to exercise 5.   

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