Special Exercise : 5

  Manifesting Your Inner Guide   

Precede exercise 5 by exercises 1 and 2. 

Enter your Sacred Cell in your usual way and light one or more candles that are on your table. Sit on your chair and close your eyes.

Repeat the breathing exercise so as to relax you even more, and then ask your inner self or guide to manifest in front of you and appear in your cell. Your inner guide can take any shape—the ways it can manifest for you are explained in this book. Remember that whatever shape it takes, it will be a projection and an extension of your soul, and this will depend on the level of your attunement with it on the inner planes. Always accept and trust the first impression that you receive.

Every time you visit your Sacred Cell, you may call upon your inner guide, and sometimes, it may have a different appearance, aspect or quality representing your soul. Pay attention to this because your inner guide is the invisible presence of your Pure Being, veiled behind the symbolic expression that you see in your cell. Come to know your inner guide well, and have intimate conversations and confessions. It is important to develop a closer relationship with your inner guide because, with time, it will help you unfold a mysterious inner process that will open for you the path of your awakening to higher dimensions of yourself. This inner process will give you insights into sacred primordial knowledge and wisdom that are engraved in your soul.

Take notes in your diary of your experiences and impressions, and record the intuitions, feelings and thoughts that you receive from the inner planes.

·        When you feel ready, go on to exercise 6. 

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