Special Exercise : 6

   Attuning to Your Soul or Pure Being  (Harmonizing Your Psychic Centers)

Precede this exercise by exercises 1 and 2.

Within your Sacred Cell, stand erect, arms at your sides, eyes closed. Relax and breathe gently, deeply and slowly. Imagine that a glowing sphere of the purest white light hovers above your head (crown chakra). The distance between you and the sphere may vary, but accept the distance that feels right for you. For a few minutes, feel the sphereís warmth and dazzling rays surrounding the top of your head, until you really feel immersed by its rays.

Now see the sphere of light moving down to the region of your third eye center, between your eyebrows. Imagine the sphere moving into it. Take a few deep breaths, keeping your attention on the sphere and feel its energy expanding more and more around your head.

Now see the sphere moving down to your throat chakra. Again, see it gradually expanding, as the purest light emanates from your throat. Breathe slowly in and out a few times, keeping your attention on this light. See its rays illuminating the whole area around it.

When you are ready, visualize the dazzling sphere moving down to your heart chakra. Take a few deep breaths, and keep your attention on it as you feel its energy expanding more and more in your chest.

Next, bring your attention to your solar plexus, and visualize the sphere moving down to the area of your abdomen. Once more, take a few deep breaths and focus on the light glowing from that place. Feel the energy expanding gently from that area, healing, discarding, purifying, ever-expanding, bringing vitality and goodness all around it.

Visualize now the sphere moving to your pelvic area, and take a few deep breaths, focusing on the power of the sphere in this area. Feel the energy expanding gently from your pelvic region, discarding, healing, purifying and expanding vitality and life force.

Finally, visualize the pure light moving down to your feet. See the brilliant glowing light around your feet. Take a few deep breaths into that region. As you inhale, imagine that this is your grounding place, your soulís point of contact with the earth.

Having stimulated all the spiritual energies within your subtle bodies, feel that all the projected lights of your soul are resonating in harmony with each other. Take some time to experience the ethereal qualities that are pouring into your being. Let them be activated and energized in all your etheric and astral bodies. Let them vibrate in unison and harmony.

When this happens, it means that you, as a being of light, are attuned and resonating with the vibrations of your soulís sacred number. Your whole body is glowing and resonating with the intent and goal of your soul. Inhale deeply, holding the image of your mystical attunement with your soul and, as you exhale, imagine the energy of your soul flowing in and around you. Now focus your attention on the rays of light radiating and penetrating your entire body, from the top of your head to the soles of your feet

Breathe deeply a few more times, imagining that the pure light energy of your soul is flowing all around your aura. Make it circulate and flow clockwise, forming a sphere around you. Let the pure energy flowing in the sphere penetrate through the pores of your skin, let the ethereal energy of your soul immerse you from the top of your head to the soles of your feet. Remain, empty, calm and relaxed.

If you can lie down, try to take a nap and be open to receive visions and lucid dreams. It would be better, however, if you could journal this exercise before going to sleep, as it will unfold  a higher aspect of consciousness during sleep.

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