How can we link the archetype of the Perfect Model with the idea of an Absolute Being?  The answer to this question is that even the most abstract idea of what is Absolute Being remains a human concept. So, why do we have to create a Perfect Model if it is a concept that we create in our minds? Each person be it a philosopher, a mystic or an atheist has a certain perception of what the origin of creation of man is and he will try to explain it according to his conditioning and understanding. Since it is consciousness that creates and recognizes the world in which we live in, it is therefore natural to say that anything that man imagines and creates is rooted and based on a concept. Thus even the most profound truth can only be delivered to others through ideas and words and these are only human ideas that originate in the ego of man. Consequently, even when a mystic receives an insight or truth based on intuition, his understanding and explanation of it will have to be expressed through a concept and then be explained to others. Accordingly, intellectual understanding of a concept is an important first step, as it helps unfold a resonance in the psyche of the listener. Moreover, even enlightened masters must use concepts to explain away their experiences and wisdom to others. Since the center of an enlightened person and that of Absolute Being coincide and are the same, Divine Knowledge and Wisdom pour in him as divine impulses. These impulses, however, are the living Presence of Being and cannot manifest in the world of duality. To do so they should first be reflected in the thought process of a sage before being transformed into words and communicated to others. That's why an enlightened person’s thoughts come directly from the source of Absolute Being before being interpreted and developed into concepts which he simplifies to the level of understanding of his audience. We live in a world of duality, meaning a world in which the ego plays the game of “this is me – and this is not me”. Therefore whatever one receives from the depth of one’s being has to be projected into the world of duality in order to take substance and be formed as ideas and concepts. Therefore, no one can really prove anything to anyone else in a belief of an Absolute Being because this has been created as a concept. The same goes for believing in reincarnation, or in a Perfect Model. So why insist on explaining away the concept of a Perfect Model?

For an unenlightened being, an enlightened person will look like an ordinary man, someone just like him. Why and how can that be?  The answer is because between the two of them there is no resonance.  On the other hand, for someone who resonates with an enlightened person, even without knowing it, an enlightened person will be a catalyst and a living model. The spiritual charisma and magnetic attraction between the two cannot be explained, because it is not a physical attraction, but more a spiritual one that is based on resonance. This is the way that intuition and divine Knowledge unfold in a disciple. The psyche of such a disciple becomes a clear mirror in which the wisdom of his physical master is projected and transmitted. Why is such a divine transmission perceived only through the mirror of the psyche? The answer is that whatever is perceived by a disciple has first to pass from his own psyche so as to be experienced by him alone and make it his own.  In the same manner a Perfect Model, is an abstract archetypal model, a catalyst that awakens Absolute Consciousness in a disciple. This Perfect Model is slumbering in our subconscious and our innermost center of Being and when the right moment comes it manifests itself to us  so that we can become conscious and resonate with it in the world of duality. The Perfect Model is a powerful symbol that is a key unfolding  the Perfect Nature of Absolute Being in our consciousness. However, it is important to understand the process of its unfolding, because it is not the ego that chooses its Perfect Model, but the guise that Absolute Being takes to appear in our psyche and this guise becomes a reality that transforms us when we start resonating with it. Thus, it is clear that we cannot choose the features of our individual Perfect Model. However, by resonating with the Presence of Absolute Being within, the Presence gradually unfolds its perfect Image in our mind and psyche. Therefore, we can say that it is the Presence of Absolute Being within each one of us that activates the characteristics and features of our Perfect Model and these are recognized and manifested according to our conditioning and culture. Hence at the source of Absolute Being, the Perfect Model remains unchanged, unique and whole as an uncreated Essence which manifests in the psyche of a disciple in different ways and guises so as to blend and become a reality in him.


A similar question arises when determining whether it is the master who chooses his disciple or if it is the disciple who chooses the master?  The answer is simply that it is neither but the resonance between the two of them that attracts them to each other and creates for one the role of master and for the other the role of disciple… one mirrors Absolute Being and beams its Light through the mirror of one’s impersonal level of Consciousness in the clear mirror of the disciple. Thus the Light of the physical Master adds itself to the Light of the Perfect Model, both are catalysts that awaken him to his true Self. One resonates from within the inner plane of one’s Being and the other from the physical plane. Crisscrossing within his heart the disciple identifies his true nature and recognizes himself in both Perfect Models that is to say  the immaterial and ethereal Presence of Absolute Being within and without.

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