Breathing Exercises 1 & 2

Exercise 1: Breathing Meditation 

Begin by breathing deeply and fully, taking several deep breaths, connecting the inhale to the exhale. On every out-breath, feel your body relax, allowing tension to leave you.

As you breathe, become aware of the areas of your body where you feel tense and breathe into those parts, imagining that the in-breath is loosening the tension and the out-breath is carrying away stress and tension, creating space inside you to relax more and more with each cycle of your breathing.

Be aware of your body, of sensations and feelings, of the mood you are in as you breathe, relax, and let go.

Notice your thoughts as they come and go. Simply observe, being aware, letting thoughts and feelings flow, and as they flow, let go with every breath, relaxing and releasing tension relaxing allowing the tensions to melt to dissolve and disappear with the slow, steady rhythm of your breath becoming relaxed and aware calm.


Exercise 2: The Rainbow Cocoon

  Exercise 2: The Rainbow Cocoon

This exercise helps you create harmony between the various levels of your being. Begin with the breathing exercise or another that you prefer. When you are fully relaxed, imagine that your aura is being surrounded by a soft blanket of pure energy. Visualize it taking the shape of a spherical cocoon. Let the space within your cocoon become magnetic and let your intuition choose one of the pure colors of the rainbow. Accept the first color that comes.

Visualize the color filling the cocoon. Let yourself bathe in its pristine clear light. Let your whole being be immersed in it. Imagine that, like a sponge, your whole being is absorbing light through the pores of your skin, penetrating, cleansing and healing your etheric and astral bodies. You are now completely purified and sealed in your cocoon of pure light. Remain in it for a few minutes, breathing its purity.

Do exercises 1 and 2 daily for at least a whole week. Then add exercise 3 for the following week, but always precede it with exercises 1 and 2.

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