Our consciousness or inner presence reflects the way in which everything in the universe organizes itself and exhibits a dimension of subjective spontaneity. From the beginning of creation, from galaxy to planet formation, consciousness was always there, revealing an extraordinary ability to unfold powerful forces and exquisite imagination in an incalculable complexity of forms, moving, expanding, collapsing, exploding, and fulfilling through creation its own unknown and mysterious destiny. Man is a part of creation, and consciousness in him takes another dimension, another level. Should this be called an evolution of consciousness, or better still, an awakening?

The journey into the depths of self begins with the adventure of consciousness, starting with a limited and narrow appreciation of our real essence, and expanding our consciousness with our mind and imagination. We do that to experience and understand that we, as consciousness, are mirrors reflecting the whole of creation. However, we are not just mirrors; we must also discover that we are also centers of creation.

Consciousness in man has two functions. Firstly, it reflects our own understanding and interpretation of creation, which helps us to develop our inner potential, innate wisdom, and individuality. Secondly, it shows us that consciousness will always remain a mystery—the realization of which is our real mission in life—because consciousness itself takes all kinds of forms in creation and yet we know that, as an inherent part of the Essence of the Unknown God Himself, consciousness can never be created. So, who is man? What purpose does he fulfill, and what is his "mission" in creation?

Man is not consciousness itself, but consciousness grows and transforms him, so man is inhabited by consciousness. Henceforth, he is no more mind, nor love. His role in creation is to be a vessel, a chalice, a grail cup, and to receive those mysterious energies that consciousness bestows upon him—the gifts of mind and love. We are not the creators of these essences but the receivers of them, and our mission is to incarnate and manifest them in our lives. When we become the center of these mysteries, then, we are no longer just human. We become an awakened consciousness reflecting the whole of creation in ourselves, and when we experience that portion of consciousness, then we realize that consciousness, through us, is also the source of this creation. Then we live on both levels of consciousness at the same time. Different traditions use different names for such a person, such as the Son of Man, Christ Consciousness, the Buddha, and the Enlightened One.

Initiations such as the one explained in Pilgrimage by author Paulo Coelho open in the seeker a genuine and true dimension of what a real quest and initiation is all about. As seekers, we unfold the quest in ourselves, since we are both the quest and the path. The goal of initiation is the direct awakening of our consciousness to a higher level. However, initiation also reveals to us that while we are awakening a new level of consciousness in the world, we are also letting go of our previous one. "When the disciple is ready, the Master appears," so, strange encounters and inexplicable events take place in our lives when we are open to receive initiation. It can happen suddenly in a most ordinary and natural way, and rupture our consciousness, helping our soul to intervene and awaken us to our true Self.

Consciousness could be transformed by any event in our life. However, an initiator or catalyst is needed, an awakened, enlightened soul who knows what kind of initiation each seeker needs, a master in whom the seeker has complete trust. Some seekers need to be "handled" subtly, others more roughly, but what counts is the rupture, the opening that initiation brings.

Pilgrimage and quest are therefore levels of passage, levels of transformation, of dying and of being reborn. Although initiation can take place anywhere, certain locations around the world have mysterious strong and powerful egregore due to the higher levels of consciousness of millions of pilgrims of pure heart soul. These powerful energies give us courage and strength to continue and, in return, we give them our love and gratitude.

So, the Light shines in darkness. Come along and follow the sacred Fool. There is nothing to fear.

Initiation of the Fool guided by his Guardian Angel





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