: The Pleiades: Source Of Inspiration

The Pleiades consists of seven stars, to which certain seekers are invited to receive, while asleep or in deep meditation, knowledge that is engrained in pure Being. However, those who are attuned to the Pleiades must first have integrated their Perfect Mold and should have started to consciously unfold the qualities that are inherent in their Perfect Model. Prior to their invitation, the seekers invited to the Pleiades have been purified and cleansed of the blocks to their astral and mental bodies so that they can assimilate the knowledge received, which their purified mental bodies will later translate and interpret into simple words for the rest of humanity.

The Pleiades have a tremendous influence on our consciousness, and contact creates a sacred “void” in seekers to allow them to integrate with a higher and more subtle level of the Divine and Abstract Mind. The void is a “mental energy” that transforms intuition into consciousness. How? Because receiving such a high dosage of Pleiadian energy unites consciousness and mind so that both can simultaneously perceive spiritual and divine knowledge. Moreover, such sacred receipt of Divine Wisdom also resonates in the self-consciousness of these seekers, which helps them to harmonize their mental and intellectual faculties with those of the Pleiades. This in turn helps them to become powerful “transmitting stations” that broadcast, albeit on a lower level, their own understanding and interpretation of what they have received.

The Pleiades, therefore, open a higher level of consciousness in seekers, unfolding within them the potentials and gifts that are inherent and manifest on the higher planes of Being. Thus, the Pleiades have the power to manifest and energize the qualities that are inherent in the seed ideas of seekers by enhancing their intuitive and mental faculties, or the intelligence of the heart.

The seven planets of the Pleiades thus represent a “school” of learning whose influence awakens and transforms the rational mind into becoming a clear vehicle that can receive and translate into simple words what consciousness experiences and lives. In turn, seekers on that spiritual plane receive an enhanced level of consciousness that overflows with divine seed ideas that must be expressed and shared with others.

The Pleiades open up the intuitional intelligence of the seekers to a high level in which consciousness and knowledge become one. This is the only way that Divine Wisdom and Knowledge express themselves in seekers so that they may share them with others. To be able to impart wisdom to others, seekers must first become that wisdom.

The Pleiades’ role, then, is to help seekers become consciously aware of Divine Knowledge and Wisdom, which is why their etheric, astral and mental bodies must be purified before being able to integrate with that spiritual realm. The Pleiades represent a spiritual “station” where the Perfect Model within seekers is energized and comes alive on earth. 

Seekers who resonate with their Ideal Model gradually integrate their consecrated Perfect Mold so as to be assimilated and “remodeled” in it once they have dissolved the illusionary creations of their egos. However, if we want to start the inner process and enter our consecrated Perfect Mold, we must first consider it our “inner tomb.”

The first phase of the process involves great changes within yourself, dying to your old patterns before being “reshaped” in it. Once you are in the mold, you will never be the same, and will remain in it until you and the mold unite, manifesting your Perfect Model in and around you. In due course, you will emerge renewed from the Mold. Initially, however, look upon it as much more than just your tomb. In fact, after the complete purification of your “old” self and purging of deceptive thought and emotional forms, you will discover it to be your sacred “womb,” in which your Divine nature within the Christ Child waits like a sacred seed for the right moment to germinate in your life. That will be the day of your rebirth


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