Visualization and Cosmic Attunement

By Raymond Bernard - Part 1

How to contact Cosmic Masters and Attune to Sacred Egregores Introduction

Raymond Bernard is one of the leading esoteric philosophers and mystics of our time. Now completely retired, he was formerly an international leader of a Rosicrucian organization and a founder of sacred initiatory and traditional school of mysticism for French-speaking countries. As an Elder Brother and mystic, Raymond has traveled extensively all over the world, to initiate and encourage seekers from every kind of background and denomination to find their own personal way of expressing the divine goodness in human nature. His books have been translated in many different languages. 

In my autobiography, I describe him as "an Invisible Master" whom I refer to as 'John'. John is actually a pseudonym that I gave to Raymond Bernard to protect his identity from curious intruders. However, I am now allowed to use his real name. 

According to the Tradition, there are invisible masters who appear when the seeker is ready, attuned and in resonance with the master. An invisible master is an enlightened person who gradually reveals himself to seekers. To the outside world, of course, Raymond is simply the charming and good human being that he in fact is. 
I am grateful to Raymond for urging and encouraging me to write this book based on my personal experiences and sacred knowledge that I have been receiving from the inner planes, a process in which Raymond has also played a role.

Visualization an Introduction

Before reading the messages which I transmit to you in these pages, an important point must be made. As you will see, for myself, I give the appearance of a cathedral to the Celestial Sanctum. You, yourselves, may adopt this visualized form or may well choose another. Only the visualization is important, and I shall remind you of this as often as necessary.

I must remind you also that the circumstances related in this work are essentially symbolic. They are the condition and the result of the visualization I have adopted, but the messages retain their importance nevertheless. They are the results of my own Cosmic contacts, that is, the expression of the light which I have received at the level of the Celestial Sanctum. The "Masters" to whom I refer designate the inner state attained at the moment of a particular contact. If the realized contact concerns a practical question, this inner state will be called "the Master of Experiments". If the purpose of the contact is a question dealing with the law of Universal Love, it is called "the Benevolent Master", and so on. Careful reading of the the way to commune with the center of pure Being, our own spiritual center has been entitled "Visualization, and Cosmic Attunement".

This message will permit you to understand the form taken by this work, so that you can learn to reach the Celestial Sanctum easily, and to profit from its rays of Cosmic Light. Your contact will vary in degree depending on the motive which determines it, and this motive is up to you, yourself. Thus your inner state will be more or less intense, more or less elevated, depending on the nature of the motive which you have chosen, or the question which has led you to contact the Celestial Sanctum. The intuition which you will experience, the Light which you will receive, the help which you will obtain, you will be able to personalize for yourselves, attributing its origin to a Master, giving it form, as it were, within the framework of all-powerful visualization. Actually the greatest satisfaction that you will obtain in your contacts, the comprehension which you will gain, originate solely from Cosmic omniscience in all its impersonality.

To attune with this supreme wisdom and draw from this communion incomparable fragments of Light, or assistance, there is no more efficient means than the method of visualization explained at length in this message. It is by impregnating yourselves intensively by a careful reading of it that you will be able to receive satisfaction from the Cosmic for the valid questions that you will wish to have clarified, and for all your needs and legitimate desires.

After you have finished reading, it rests with you to put into practice what will have become an integral part of your being, because each time that you feel the need for it, you will know how to re-enter into yourselves to attain the Celestial Sanctum, (or your chosen sacred place) the only state, the only focal point, the only place where man may find the definitive and true solutions to his problems and the best answers to his questions.

Raymond Bernard


Visualization is a fundamental element in the search for contact with the Higher Planes of Consciousness. It is an important tool that helps seekers to enter and commune with their  sacred center of Being. I have given a symbolic name to this visualization and called it the "Celestial Sanctum". In mystical life in general, one forgets too often that reasoning and speech are the faculties which man enjoys to express himself on the physical plane only, and to communicate with others on the same plane. One does not communicate with other planes and with the Inner Self in this manner. The only means to do this, the only faculty given to man to achieve this, is visualization. That is why, in every initiatory technique, mystical and even religious, words and gestures, speech and movement, sound and ritual, have no other purpose than to facilitate (in truth, to create) an inner visualization whereby attunement will be established.
Chants, prayers, hymns, incantations, processions, statues, and images, and the different forms adopted in all countries have no other aim. Also, visualization is of prime importance in all spiritual life, whatever its form, and the most humble of the faithful visualize without knowing it. The initiate and the adept, for their part, learn to visualize methodically in order to reach masterfully the realm of knowledge and to pass successfully the various stages in their evolution.

To visualize means "to see inwardly", and it is evident that none may arrive at this point without having first developed the faculty of objective observation. There are many who look "without seeing". They go about like robots, completely withdrawn, without observing their surroundings. That is why, when they want to construct a mental "image" they encounter insurmountable difficulties. Observation is voluntary. It is necessary, in the beginning at least, to want to observe and, with this objective, to want to draw the attention from the inside toward the outside. It is necessary to look around oneself consciously, to examine faces, people, and things, with the same intensity as a photographer or a painter concentrating on every detail. In the beginning, it is a difficult undertaking, but perseverance results in automatic reaction, so that consequently, there is established an observation more and more rapid, a memory more and more faithful, and a greater ease in effective visualization.

The Method

In visualization, the results of observation are linked with imagination. In the image to be constructed, the foundations are built by observation. In my own case, I am in the habit of visualizing a Celestial Sanctum, a place of worship, which has the appearance of a cathedral. I could just as well choose a mosque, a synagogue, a temple, or some other place, even secular, but a cathedral inspires me more, and that is why I have chosen it as the foundation of my personal visualization. Certainly I have seen more than one cathedral, and in each one "something" has greatly inspired me. Observation gives fundamental knowledge of the subject. The determining role of the imagination will be to improve the effectiveness of the mental picture by adding whatever may arouse inner emotion and spiritual exaltation. 

In my own case, this is achieved by combining in the imaginary cathedral all those "things" which have inspired me in the different cathedrals, which I have visited, down to the last detail. First of all I must "see" the cathedral in its entirety, as if I were flying over it; next, I examine the special exterior features, and finally I approach the central doorway and go inside, continuing to use the same care in visualization and adding to it, if possible, the impression of the fragrance of incense and whatever other particular elements I wish. The necessary rule is, then, to "live" the visualization, to become part of it as if it were our own actual conscious experience. This participation is comparable to the state produced in watching a movie, which greatly interests us. At that time, we actually "integrate" with the plot and the setting. We are entirely part of the film, and this is exactly the effect, which must be produced in visualization. Visualization, naturally, has an end, and is succeeded by the passive phase of experience, the most important part.

Visualization is the means of attaining a determined state. Once having attained that state, the means ought to be forgotten. The mental creation is achieved, and the time to derive benefit from it has arrived. It is time, therefore, to stop the work of building up, and to give way to the passive state, with its own pictures, thoughts, emotions, and impressions. When has that time come? It is impossible to state, exactly. One can say that, in a way, the transference works by itself-the active phase is transformed slowly into a state of receptivity, and one knows that visualization is ended and that attunement is taking place. Two questions are often asked: How long does this communion last? And what impressions are drawn from it? The answer to the first question is simple. This question is actually an error in itself. In the flowing life of the objective consciousness, everything is evaluated with the idea of time. But in the State of Cosmic Attunement, time does not exist. It is only after the experience, having returned to the state of ordinary consciousness that one notices that the experience, in its phase of receptivity, has lasted a second, a minute, or a quarter of an hour. One will notice also, that the result obtained is identical, whether the experience has taken place for a period of a second or even more, which leads us to the second question and answer.

During the attunement, there is knowledge in the most absolute sense of the term. The being is completely immersed in omniscience and omnipotence. If visualization has been conducted with a predetermined aim, such as the solution to a problem, a health question, or a request for help or protection, the attunement works in such a way that the goal will be reached in its universal context. If visualization has been undertaken only to attune, without a definite purpose, attunement will take place as a whole, and the being will draw from it whatever is profitable to it at that time. This is without doubt the best form of contact; the Inner Self knowing better than all reasoning what may be useful to the person in attunement. The point to remember is this: in every case, attunement is made with the universal, that is, with the all, with this sole difference-that in the case of a visualization directed towards a definite goal, the response will arise out of the general context suitable for all forms of contact, without exception.

It is important to remember that at the instant of attunement there is no perception. Knowledge is unformulated. It is in the very brief time of one's progressive return to objective consciousness, during the time between the attunement itself and full consciousness on the physical plane, that the reply, or the expected help, or even the possible message and the impressions properly expressed, take "perceived or conscious form". In other words, it is as one progressively returns to the outer world that "attunement" reveals a perceptible form, that it is clothed in human comprehension. Naturally the attunement may be so short in relation to temporal ideas, and the "return" may be so rapid, that perception may seem concomitant with attunement, but this is not the case. In some way it produces an inverse process to that of visualization. Visualization has ceased just before attunement, and, after this, knowledge takes "form" progressively and is "understood" in the particular aspect desired by who ever has been searching for it. Frequently there is at the same moment an impression of pictures, incense, or other things. Such manifestations vary with each person, and are the evidence of realized contact, because this, on the level of integrated knowledge, has made possible attunement with a Master, a mystic assembly, or other adepts in attunement at the same moment. It is also possible to do some particular "work" on this high plane under the direction of a being from another sphere, or an initiate still on the earthly plane. These differing conditions may be felt when the return takes place.

Cosmic Contacts

This is an important point: do not hasten the return to objective consciousness. It is advisable to let things take their course, in order to assist passively with this return, in contemplating and observing the impressions, which, little by little, take form. It is necessary to observe oneself. If the thought seems to wander, if the association of ideas takes form, it is enough to follow it as it unfolds. The will should not intervene. As soon as it does, the objective consciousness will take control of the being, and the experience will end. It is also possible to have no particular impression, but that does not mean the attunement has been a failure. This may be due solely to the fact that there has not been proper perception at the desired time. The objective consciousness may have had to take up its activities again too quickly, or else the return may have been accomplished with receptivity not being sustained, as it should have been. In any case, comprehension has not had the opportunity of fulfilling its role. But whoever has carried out the experience in the manner that I have just described, will be convinced that attunement has indeed taken place, and that it has been a complete success, which means that in every way one will draw benefit from it. Whatever has been obtained will be retained, and the Inner Self will function in such a manner that the objective comprehension will perceive it ultimately if it did not do so at the time. That will take place in the course of a period of relaxation, before sleep, or even at the moment of awakening. In every case the fruit of attunement will be perceived as soon as the Inner Self encounters again the desired passive condition, whenever the objective consciousness will be least active, including the moments of emotion, fear, or surprise. Comprehension can even take place after the problem has been solved, help granted, or health restored, because the result of attunement is present in him who has achieved it, and this result works even without his knowledge. Thus the appropriate response is adopted in the particular circumstance, the necessary inspiration appears for the solution of a problem, and medical advice produces rapid effects. A little reflection will then reveal that if one has been "guided" in this way it has been as a result of the preceding attunement.

Thus each person measures the fundamental importance of visualization and the Cosmic contacts it makes possible. Such contacts are helped and made considerably easier in their ultimate comprehension if they have taken place in the sublime setting of a sacred and sanctified place such as a Celestial Sanctum.

It is almost commonplace in our day to affirm the creative force of thought, and to emphasize that this is a powerful and effective ally. The Celestial Sanctum has been built with the help of this creative force, which means that it really exists. To be sure, it is of such a nature that it cannot be perceived by the objective senses- but are thoughts limited in this way? Now, each person is the reflection of his thoughts, and his life, his happiness, and his actions are the result of them. This Celestial Sanctum is also known by its effects on those who attune with it regularly, and on those who have been helped through it. It is as real, as living, as the soul personality of which our body is the Sanctum. It is as real as the building of stone where the faithful go to pray, but it is more easily accessible, since it may be reached in the place where one is at any time, which may be in the quietude of home, or in the uproar and excitement of the street. It is necessary only to put into practice some very simple instructions, and if the circumstances are against it, even to proceed with a brief mental purification. 

Visualization will be the decisive point, and if it seems long in the beginning, perhaps difficult, repetition will make it progressively so rapid and so effective that the Celestial Sanctum will be attained almost simultaneously with the desire to reach it. It is almost unavoidable for a seeker, not to profit each day by this marvelous creation. It should be at the heart of both his mystical and his secular existence. It should become the place to which, by a simple reflex, whenever the need arises, he/she can raise himself in consciousness to receive a message, a directive, an inspiration, or help. It is actually the Celestial Sanctum, which ought to preside over a seeker's spiritual studies, his mystical research, and his experiences. It is under its guidance, in its presence, that he should build his mystical life. His entire existence will then be bathed in harmony and infinite understanding, and his interior evolution will then unfold in an ambiance of high spiritual vibrations. Human difficulties and distressing experiences will be illumined by perfect understanding, helping him to overcome them, to see and to accept them as temporary burdens. In other words, he will constantly share in the privilege of a wisdom always available to the degree of understanding he has attained on the Path, and he will bathe in the Greater Light ready to manifest itself in him and through him.

My most ardent wish is that this manuscript will encourage my readers, whether mystics and seekers or not, to use more extensively the exceptional advantages offered by Cosmic contacts. These advantages are not reserved for the author of these pages, nor, is it for any particular person. They are for the use of everyone, and in order to take part in them, as I do, it is only necessary, with a sincere desire, to assume with confidence the path leading to the sublime meeting place of the Celestial Sanctum.

ĽA reminder that words like "The Celestial Sanctum" - "the Cosmic" and "Masters" are symbolic images of an archetypal nature to help seekers get in touch with their own center of Consciousness. You may choose to change these words, this is unimportant, what counts is the visualization and the getting in touch with the sacred Center of Being and Consciousness within...
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