Visualization and Cosmic Attunement 

By Raymond Bernard - Part 3

The Master rises. I do the same, and, the left hand on the heart and the right on the left, with a last look he gives me his farewell. To the sound of AUM, which echoes again, he leaves me alone in my private sanctuary and immediately I feel him in deep meditation on the Mountain of Illumination, beyond, in the distant place which I gaze on with faith, trust, and veneration.

It is time to reenter my earthly domain and, curiously, I find it is accomplished by a kind of inverse visualization. The 'descent' is done actually by degrees, and I notice that it is possible to further slacken the grip of the objective consciousness in order to analyze the steps, and in this case the 'vibration' of recall develops in more numerous pictures, clearer, and more precise. This is a lesson to remember in visualization and all its phases, slowly is a key word. The comments of the Master on the principles of visualization lead me to think, at the moment of writing, that the fruit of an experience may be useful to many, and I shall not hesitate, therefore, to record my own here.

Hermetic Traditions, teaches that anything may be requested from the Cosmic (Absolute Consciousness - God) on the condition that the desire includes, in equal part, personal interest and altruism. Now this requirement is a source of problems to a great many people. Actually, where does personal interest stop, and where does altruism begin? If someone needs money to meet urgent liabilities, how may it be defined in the reflections (which precede visualization) on that which, in the request to the Cosmic, is obviously useful to another? There is a reply to this question. In the case mentioned, if the date of payment cannot be met, someone will suffer, perhaps the one to whom the sum is due, and with him, perhaps, his colleagues and employees, or it may be himself, the debtor, and the family which is dependent on him. But how can one be sure? How be certain as to the manner in which this particular request or some other should be made? There is a personal method, developed while I was still a beginner, which I have used for a long time, and which I still use on occasion, which has been of considerable help to me. Here is the method:

The Cosmic, by definition, is the sum total of everything. It is the entire universe and everything therein that is to say, in particular our Earth and all humanity, embracing all its characteristics, the good and those which, for want of wisdom and understanding, one 'judges' less good. The Cosmic is, then, you, me, and all the others. Consequently if I make a request to the Cosmic it is, then, to the universe that this request is made, but it is also to humanity to you, and you, and all the others. Now my request, in order to be understood by the Cosmic and be accepted by It, must be conveyed by means of visualization. I have explained this in the previous message, and the Master has brought new understanding to this subject. If I should present myself to you or to some human assembly to make my request, and I must express it aloud, as if from a stage, it is evident that if previously I have not fully considered whether or not my wish is absurd, impossible to satisfy, or hurtful to someone, I should certainly realize it at the moment of submitting it to you, or after the first words of the statement I should be making to you. Light would dawn on me, and I should withdraw, realizing the futility of my request.

Having meditated on this aspect of things, I resolved that in all my visualizations, even those that my reasoning considered justified, I would act as if I were solemnly presenting my request to a human assembly. And I state quickly that the means employed helped me even to completely forget my wish after having visualized it in this way, and every seeker knows that this is absolutely necessary in order that the Cosmic may 'hear' the request which is submitted to it. I worked then, and I still work, in the following manner, whatever the wish I have to express or the object of my request:

I visualize a vast edifice which, at the time of my visualization becomes, for me, the 'residence' of the Cosmic. I ascend the high stairway leading to an immense door which I pass through, and crossing a huge vestibule I approach an old usher dressed in black, to tell him that I have come to 'express' a request to the Cosmic. He presents me with a form on which I write my surname, my first name, and address. He immediately gives the form to a younger usher who makes his way toward a wooden double door, which he half opens to hand the document to a hand which takes it and shut again the door. I have had time meanwhile to hear an orator present a request in a loud voice to an assembly which I cannot see. I sit down on a bench to gather my thoughts. The wait is not long. The wooden door opens and I am called. I rise and enter a room of gigantic dimensions and, preceded by an usher, I advance the length of the central aisle whilst thousands of heads turn to look at me attentively as I pass. I recognize some of those who are going to hear my request there are, especially, my family, my friends, my relatives, my co-workers, and my departed ones, and everyone looks at me with great benevolence. At the end of the room, on a dais, near which I shall soon be, in a semicircle, are seated the Masters whom I venerate, and above shines the cloud of the Sacred Presence. Then I am on the dais, faced with this innumerable mass of 'spectators', whose eyes and attention are fixed on me. I feel around me those who are closer. I feel behind me the Sacred Presence....

Then in the absolute silence, having pronounced my name, I distinctly present my request before the assembly, and I hear my voice reverberate to infinity under the high arches. As soon as I have finished with the words 'with confidence, certain of the answer, I convey to you my request (or my problem). So mote it be!', I leave the dais, leave the room, cross the vestibule, and I descend the stairs and become objectively conscious again.

Several points are to be emphasized with this visualization: First of all, as soon as my request has been made, and I leave the dais, I immediately cease to think about it, and I pay attention only to the assembly through which I pass, then to the door, the vestibule, and finally the great staircase. Once again on the objective plane, I attend to other things, and I wait for the reply with confidence. I know that it will come in one way or another, by a sign, an intuition, or a suggestion perhaps. I do not doubt that my request is in the best of hands, those of the Cosmic, and the Cosmic never leaves a request without an answer. If, while on the dais, I am not seized with doubt, nor perceive that my request is not valid; if I have completed it, sure of myself, I shall have my answer.

Facing the assembly, my request has been complete, precise, detailed. Nothing has been left
indefinite. I have set out my problem in all its phases without exception and without concealing anything which could risk making my request useless.

I did not at any moment suggest a solution to the assembly. I did not tell them how my problem should be resolved, my request satisfied, or my wish fulfilled. If I knew the solution, my visualization would have been useless. I conveyed my earnest request to the all-powerful Cosmic, and my earnest request only. I have confidence because the Cosmic knows how to work it out the best way for me, including the good of all, and it will be realized.

Finally, in order to be effective, this visualization must be lifelike, vivid. It is necessary to see the assembly, to feel it, to hear oneself speak, without losing sight of those who listen to the request. It is necessary to live each phase of the visualization as if it were real, and it is real, because the Cosmic, I repeat, is all, and in this visualization it is to It that you address yourself.

I hope that a great many will adopt this method, which has been my own for a long time. There is no reason why it should be unceasingly effective for me and not for any others. Moreover, it contributes to the development of concentration, and if, at the beginning, visualization is long, practice makes it easy and fast, without which it will lose its effectiveness. May it give you the intense satisfaction that it has lavished on me! This is the ardent wish that I make for each of you in the presence of the Cosmic, at the close of this first message received in the Celestial Sanctum. 

A reminder that words like "The Celestial Sanctum" - "the Cosmic" and "Masters" are symbolic images of an archetypal nature to help seekers get in touch with their own center of Consciousness. You may choose to change these words, this is unimportant, what counts is the visualization and the getting in touch with the sacred Center of Being and Consciousness within..


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