Function and purpose of initiatic meditations and Rituals

The purpose and function of these guided meditation is to create and develop psychic and spiritual  inner "spaces" which become personal rituals and are preliminary steps to unfold spiritual initiations that have their source in the inner planes of being; furthermore, they are in reality used as tools to give shape to a sacred spiritual science, a science that makes us discover the inner planes of being... in addition, these guided meditations have a spiritual and divine objective and are actually part of a mystical system for training the mind and emotions of the meditator. We have to bear in mind that wherever our thoughts and emotions are focused upon a specific symbolic object full of meaning to us, or  an ideal or they concentrate on an uplifting concept, they automatically energize and activate our thoughts and feelings and at the same time they enhance the level of our consciousness, the reason being that both of them are essential energies and elements that cannot be separated from Consciousness itself. Thus, guided meditations of this kind give form and shape to the meditator's understanding of archetypal and universal symbols which take for him very specific and personal characteristics. An object such as a chalice for example which has in itself an archetypal character or other symbols such as an icon, an emblem or an intuitive idea that the meditator receives from within becomes for him consecrated and energized objects and concepts because they take for him special meaning and become helpful tools releasing strong spiritual feelings and attunement... thus, these symbols and intuitions trigger in the meditator personal powerful images and concepts that come alive in him as an invisible presence... the reason for this mysterious exchange of magnetic energy is that for him such objects or ideas enfold subtle energies which are in reality his reflections and projections coming from his own Higher Self. In fact, it is the harmonization and blending of his own concentrated thoughts and emotions that are the source of this upsurge of spiritual energy which grows to be an incredible magnet attracting to him higher corresponding spiritual energies...

We could say that when guided meditations are deeply felt they become inner mystical rituals and even initiations that open spiritual channels and have as an objective the harmonization and communion of the meditator first with his Higher Self and then with the invisible and divine Hierarchy...They also have another purpose, which is to "train" and purify the thought and emotional process of the meditator, and again they have the same objective which is of transforming and strengthening the level of awareness and power of imagination of the meditator.

The intuitive knowledge of symbols appearing in one's meditations and the correct understanding of their meaning unfold in the meditator a high level of awareness which is very important if he wants to transcend and commune with his divine Self...  However, what is vital is the acceptance that these special  "symbols" become  for him real sacred "objects" so as to enrich his psyche with enlightening meaning. Why is that so important? Well, because they trigger and activate in him spiritual qualities and powers... Therefore an exchange of energies takes place between sacred symbols and the mind of the meditator since it is his own mind that has created the symbol and has given it special meaning... and in return the same symbol reverberates back to the consciousness of the meditator a corresponding energy which is the expression of his own inherent spiritual force. Therefore a symbol that a meditator receives intuitively and with which he feels attuned with is part of himself... the symbol is not separate from his own level of consciousness, and that is why it takes such a special meaning... because the function of a sacred symbol is to arouse in the meditator's level of consciousness an automatic current of harmonious and inspiring thought and emotion that exalt his imagination and open his heart to new levels of spiritual realities...  Hence, we understand that this type of guided meditations are in themselves mystical tools helping to unfold the power of the Higher Self (or the Holy Guardian Angel - the Daimon of Socrates or  the blueprint of the perfect Model or spiritual DNA).

For this reason, we are offering on this website mystical meditations which are in themselves sacred tools to unfold sacred spaces within the meditator psyche to help him discover with the help of different association of ideas and inspiring thoughts higher levels of Consciousness and Awareness... Moreover, these guided meditations are personal preliminary initiations created to train the seeker in receiving real initiation from within the inner planes of being. We could add another important point which is that when such meditative "inner" rituals and initiations are performed with conviction they help transcend the ordinary physical senses of the meditator which become passive, and as a result the subtle senses of the seeker awake and are activated. Moreover, when the seeker focuses his spiritual senses and powers of the mind and heart while in meditation, then he is ready to invoke and evoke   his Holy Guardian Angel - which is also called the Daimon or Higher Self... The Master Within...(the name given to this spiritual power and Presence within is a personal choice...)

Usually it is our preoccupation with the separate requirements of the body, of our thoughts and emotions that are the cause of blinding us to the Presence of our spiritual Self... hence these guided meditations are humble tools for helping invoke and evoke the Powers and Qualities of the Higher Self. Thus, in a sense the effect of such meditations are to keep the senses and subtle vehicles engaged each with its own specific task, without distracting our higher and mystical concentration... in other words Consciousness opens new doors for us to discover the beauty of other Planes of being.... However, we have to remember that all these "techniques" are just preparatory steps in discovering the "WHO AM I?", but each step, has its own importance... the reason for it is that each step helps create in the seeker the required inner contact with his Higher Self and at the same time awake a level of reality that was all the time within but inactive and unconscious...

We could also add that guided meditations of this kind develop in the seeker the correct use of his "imagination" because the power of imagination is really a part of the inherent faculty of the Higher Self to communicate with us... helping us assimilate and understand the images, symbols and different concepts and reflections received  through Its Guidance... In other words without imagination the Language of the Soul would have been impossible to decipher...


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