It has been customary over the last 2 centuries to regard Alchemy as a primitive precursor of modern chemistry. As a result of this, almost all of the scholars who have concerned themselves with its literature have had no cause to see in it anything other than the earliest stages of later chemical discoveries. 

It never seemed to strike anyone as in the least improbable that an art of the kind alleged should, despite all of it folly and deceptions, have implanted itself for centuries on end in the most diverse cultures of East and West. The reason for this public attitude is that the "Outer Group of Alchemists" did an almost perfect job of hiding their real purpose, and because of the fact that the Outer Public Group of Alchemists was a subterfuge for a Secret Inner Group of Alchemists, who were scientifically studying and experimenting with the chemistry, or the make-up of the Spirit and the Soul. 

In our "Modern" world of science, which has made tremendous strides and discoveries since the times of the Alchemists about the physical world, and yet there still exists a tremendous void that has not been investigated by them over the centuries. In fact, we have not expanded our knowledge of sprit and soul one iota, and for the most part it is looked upon by the highly educated as fantasy and as belonging to the realms of superstition and religion. 

The two fathers of our modern scientific schools of Psychology, Freud and Jung, were avid students of Spiritual Alchemy, and even belonged to a secret group that was working in Europe. This was a group of an outer school of Alchemy and Freud and Jung were never privy to the complete teachings about the total nature of the Soul-Personality, but we must give them credit, for they have done much to bring to the Public some of the teachings and knowledge of these scientists of the past. The knowledge that Freud and Jung passed on to the Schools of Psychiatry and Psychology was not their personal findings, although they were able to verify some of it through their various test groups and experiments upon their selves. Jung was still studying Spiritual Alchemy when he passed through transition in the year 1961. He studied it avidly trying to break the code of the archetypes within the drawings of the Middle Ages; for he knew that if he could break the code, there would be great advances made in his science of the Personality. 

I must also mention that Albert Einstein was very, very interested in Spiritual Alchemy. He collected Alchemical Drawings from sources all over the world, and spent most of his spare time studying them and carrying these drawings with him as he travelled away from his home.  

The "Materia Prima", or the "ground of all things", was an important concept of the Alchemists, and it was this concept that Albert Einstein was very much interested in. He believed that the materia prima was the electron, which attracted other oppositely charged electron particles to themselves, which then formed atoms, then the atoms formed cells and so on until physical universes upon universes were created and maintained. This is Medieval Alchemy! But in Spiritual Alchemy the "Materia Prima” is an energy of Consciousness that creates the electrons and the particles and is a Mind cause that affects their behavior according to the Cosmic Laws of magnetism, cohesion, and adhesion. Quantum Physics is just now beginning to investigate these old Alchemy theories, but Quantum Physics is in its infancy and has a long way to go to equal the knowledge of the Spiritual Alchemists, but they will, and in the far, far future mysticism and science will be one.


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