The Alchemical Catalyst.

For all spiritual Alchemical transmutations there must be a catalyst; and this catalyst is a desire for the change to occur. Many people are afraid of change, even though, they are not happy with themselves, or their lives. They fear change because it takes them into an unknown world, but if we do not change of our own free will and accord, destiny will whirl us into a change that may not be very much to our liking. 

Is not a planned change to us and our lot in life, better than being thrown into a chain of negative circumstances by our higher self? An unplanned change is like for us to be thrown into a cold river, and you have to either sink or swim. 

Procrastination is another form of fear, or dread, to make changes, and it tells us that our catalyst is not very strong. 

It is this catalyst, the desire to transform, correct, and to improve yourself, that causes the Alchemical Exercises to transmute your soul-personality into the purest of all of the known elements; Gold. 

It goes without saying, that if we are satisfied with our life and with the present development of our personality, then we do not have the catalyst that will transform us into our potential. 

It is the negative that creates the positive in the world of form.


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