The spiritual Teacher


As long as we regard ourselves superior to others or look down upon the world, we cannot make any real progress in the spiritual life. As soon, however, as we understand that we live in exactly that world which we deserve, we begin to recognize the faults of others as our own — though they may appear in different form. It is our own karma that we live in this "imperfect" world, which in the ultimate sense is our own creation. This is the only attitude which can help us to overcome our difficulties, because it replaces fruitless negation by an impulse towards self-perfection, which not only makes us worthy of a better world but partners in its creation. Some of the preconditions and preliminary exercises of meditation for bringing about this positive and creative attitude are to unite as much as possible with our Perfect Model which will bring about unselfish love and compassion towards all living beings. This is the first prerequisite of hermetic meditation, as it removes all self-created emotional and intellectual limitations; and in order to gain this attitude we should look upon all beings like upon our own mother or our own children, since there was not a single being in the universe that in the infinity of time had not been closely related to us in one way or another. In order to be conscious of the preciousness of time we should realize that any moment might be the last of this life and that the opportunity which it offers might not come again easily. Finally we should realize that what we learn from books about meditation are not comparable to the direct transmission of experience and the spiritual impetus that the Perfect Model within each one of us can give if we open ourselves to its divine Essence in all sincerity.

The Inner Self seen as a Perfect Model



To this purpose, you should imagine your Perfect Model of the Buddha, the Cosmic Christ, or any other Perfect Model in the form of your ideal spiritual Teacher, and having done so to a degree that you feel his/her very presence, you should visualize him/her seated in the posture of meditation above your head and finally merging into your own person, to take his/her seat on the lotus or rose throne of your heart. For, as long as the Perfect Model of the Cosmic Christ or the Buddha (or any other Model) is still imagined outside yourself, you cannot realize him/her in your own life. The moment, however, you become conscious of his/her PRESENCE as the light in your innermost being, the Mantra which belongs to your Perfect Model such as (OM MANI PADME HOM  - or KYRIE ELEISON CHRISTE ELEISON – or any other mantra that expresses the energy and essence of your Perfect Model) begins to reveal its meaning, because now the “lotus or rose throne” is your own heart, in which the “jewel or divine “seed”, namely the Buddha,” Cosmic Christ or any other is present. The OM and the HOM, however, represent the universe in its highest and deepest aspects, in all its forms of appearance and experience, which we should embrace with unlimited love and compassion like you’re own Perfect Model. Do not think of your own salvation, but make yourself an instrument for the liberation of all living beings. This is an inner attitude… Once the Perfect Model has become awakened within you, you are no more able to act other than in accordance with his/her Law and become one with it, which means that you become a unique resonance, a path and an expression of your Perfect Model. In other words a “son or daughter” of the Buddhas or of the Cosmic Christ.’



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