part: II

Odilon Redon

The word Jesus is a figure who must be understood on many levels. Since the destruction of the esoteric and hidden mystery of the early Christian initiations, we have only been taught the lowest level of understanding, the exoteric story of a historical Jesus and have been denied access to the secret Inner Mysteries of the Western Tradition, which reveal the true allegorical nature of the Jesus story. This story helps us to unfold our true nature, the inner quest that allows us to awake and become conscious of being pure Cosmic or divine Beings.

As in the ancient Mysteries, enlightened Christian mystics and Gnostics who were initiated into the Inner Mysteries of "Jesus" understood that it was not important to know if the story of Jesus was based on an historical truth or was a mythical allegory. The Christian Initiates and masters of Wisdom did not necessarily deny the historicity of the gospels, but considered the Jesus story  as being a first stage in their Mysteries. Why is that? because if Jesus is an archetypal Perfect Model called also the universal Daemon and if  this Perfect Model has to become a reality in the mind of a seeker, so that it makes an impact on his psyche, then for such a person the allegorical story must first become a visualized truth, a manifested reality, so that the mystery of the life of Jesus becomes a "concrete" and down to earth story... something that he can visualize, and understand. For such "believers" the reality of Jesus has to become a "physical" reality. Hence, Jesus symbolizes the Daemon of the initiate. 

The Resurrection or Awakening


Symbolic representation of the purified nature or the Perfect Mold in which the Daemon or Christ appears

Remembering that the Daemon is just a "projection" of the Soul or pure Being and appears to the initiates to guide and unfold in him/her the manifestation of the Cosmic Christ. Hence, the Daemon as a Perfect Model integrates the level of consciousness of mystics until the level of Iesous/Yeshua or Jesus. becomes the leaven that awakes the divine Nature in the human psyche. We could say that the Cosmic Christ never incarnates, since it represents Universal and Cosmic Consciousness, the Source and Origin of Pure Being. Each one of us as human beings have the same origin and Christ or Buddha Nature in us. The SEAL for a Christian mystic who is unfolding Christ Consciousness within is called Yeshua - Jeshua or Jesus. This is so, because  the Seal represents Cosmic Consciousness or pure Awareness of the Presence in incarnation. In other words, when Cosmic Consciousness is awaken in an individual he/she receives the Seal of Yeshua/Jeshua (for a Christian Mystic)   

As in ancient myth, sometimes another figure representing the eidolon is symbolically portrayed as dying the Godman's death as a substitute. Just like the myths of the Egyptian god Osiris and the Greek god Dionysus. In the same way that the ancient sages understood the myths of Osiris-Dionysus as allegorical teaching stories, so the Western Christian initiates understood also that the Jesus story represents a mystical initiation myth leading to spiritual resurrection. In other words, the eidolon unites with its own higher complementary aspect which is the Daemon.  As in the ancient Mysteries, there is a mystical "wedding" between the Lover and the Beloved, an inner initiation and unification of the Daemon and eidolon. Taken into the context of the Christian Mysteries and spiritual alchemy, we could also look at the mystical relationship of Mary Magdalena and Jesus on the one hand, and the continue with the Ascension and then the Coronation of the Virgin Mary by Her Son Jesus. Both women names were Mary - one represents the first phase of transformation and the second the unification process of the Permanent Witness with the Spiritual Witness. as representing the sacred inner Marriage of the eidolon and the Daemon which represents the union of the two opposite parts of  Being. The union and unification of the limited part of being - the eidolon with its unlimited and Perfect Model, or the unification with the divine Face of the Daemon, meaning the union with the universal Essence of the Daemon. This inner process of transformation from the eidolon to the Daemon can only be explained through myths, because myths are explanations of our inner awakening process, therefore like the myth of Osiris and Dionysus, Iesous/Yeshua or Jesus represents the Perfect Mold which is a universal one... a perfect Mold in which the initiate must enter to die first so as be reborn...Osiris and Dionysus had to be dismembered so as  to be re-membered. Initiates in the ancient Mysteries who realized their true nature as the Universal Daemon became an "Osiris" or a "Dionysus." Likewise, Christian initiates became first a "Jesus/Yeshua" - the Perfect Mold in which after their "mystical death" they were raised once more and being reborn they were called a "Christ"  

Like the Ancient philosophers, the Western Initiates used gematria and number symbolism to encode complex sacred mathematical teachings. The name lesous, which we translate as "Jesus," is an artificial transliteration of the Jewish name Joshua into Greek to make sure that it equals the mystically significant number 888.  


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(some parts of this article are taken from the book of T. Freke & P.Gandy "the Jesus Mysteries" ) However, I have added my own way of experiencing the Daemon... Please read the special articles that explore and explain the mystical role of the Daemon and Its relationship to the Permanent and Spiritual Witnesses and The Perfect Mold and Model.



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