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The Thinking Process and the Thinker

a scientist and a mystic are human beings living in duality meaning in a world in which the mind functions as a mirror of subjectivity.

According to Advaita Philosophy

Mysticism is just a word symbolizing a way of looking at and being in the world… it is an understanding that whatever is known, be it scientifically or philosophically is always based on a personal way of “seeing things”… Let me explain … anything that a scientist or any other human being “sees” and understands is based on a concept that is a projection of his own level of Consciousness. Therefore a scientist’s way of understanding the world will be different and probably more complex and objective than the way an artist sees. However, both have the same five senses and use their intuition and imagination to describe the world they see and understand, though, the messages received by the same senses will be perceived differently…because their concept of the world is for most of the time totally or partially different…

A scientist and a “mystic” are both human beings living in duality…meaning in a world in which the mind functions as a mirror of subjectivity…so, what is subjectivity? It is the unknown Subject that can never be “projected in duality” because it is the noumenon… It is the thinking process itself…and not the thinker…so, we can ask ourselves, what do we mean by objectivity?…to be objective…pragmatic… scientific…or mystical are different approach sometimes diametrically opposed to each other and yet their origin is the same… it is based in subjectivity…What is subjectivity? It is the “mirroring” in the mind, of the noumenon… each human being will mirror “outside” of him, through his mind and feelings his own subjectivity, his own way of “looking” at the world – through his own perception - understanding… and this is how opinions, concepts, philosophies develops…

Let us look at the meaning of "I am"? When we say “I am”, we are unconsciously projecting the noumenon in the world of “objectivity” and automatically we make "that I am" an object… which it is not…and can never be… thus subjectivity cannot appear in duality …and therefore it cannot be conceived as an object. But subjectivity manifests as the thinking process… and we do not realize that when we describe who: “I am”… This “I am” becomes necessarily an object, because, it cannot be. It can only project concepts of what it is NOT… In fact a subject becomes necessarily an object in so far as it is seen as a subject. We are here in a very deep mystical domain… sorry if this sounds strange or new to you.

So we can ask ourselves: What, then, is the subject of which I am the object? Sorry for the repetitions… We said that there is only one subject that cannot become an object, the reason is that a subject cannot be conceived as an object, since the subject does not exist in the world of duality (as it is beyond it)…The mind is the mirror reflecting subjectivity, which functions as the noumenon in manifestation…but it can become apparent only through concepts, so the subject the “I am” in the world of duality is in itself: “I AM NOT” …since it cannot be apprehended conceived as an object…. Since it is the THINKING and not the thinker!

So, what about the subject behind the “thinker”…the noumenon… Here is the mystery! and this will remain one until object and subject merge and become one… To explain it will mean to explain it through other concepts… this takes us back to the process of thinking…thinking will always change and our experiences will change with our thinking process and as a result Consciousness unfolds the Source if Being which is NOT… and cannot be conceptualize…
This is beautiful! Because it shows us that as sentient beings we have the scope of discovering always more and more about ourselves – creating, generating, producing, discovering…projecting manifesting more and more…in the world of duality…which is the phenomenal, objective, relative world of sense impressions and is therefore an interpretation by divided reasoning mind (which operates by a comparison of opposites) of noumenon, the absolute, subject, (the whole Mind) none of which (if you regard them as different in any way or as aspects of one whole) it is able directly to perceive. So the absolute Being or the Source of Consciousness (Who is NOT and cannot manifest as a phenomenon can only manifest as subjectivity… but in the world of oneness - wholeness…which is the world beyond duality… everything is in potential… static… beyond concept…the real unknown subject of the objectification … through the thinking process….via Consciousness…. So, the so called mystery of the “Who Am I?” is in itself trying to objectify something that it can never be… Let us find out, who is asking this question? Is it the thinker an object of the thinking process? Remember that, we said that the thinker is an object, a projection of subjectivity and the thinking process…and we also said that Consciousness can never be objectified, since it is the “projector” through which the thinking process unfolds “objects”, thoughts and feelings …that is the reason why the noumenon (the Whole the Source) cannot be something since it is the: “I am not” an object…I am beyond the object…I am the hidden unmanifest subject…the one that runs the projector and directed the movie….

And here is a paradox that might sound strange to you… so, I as the consciousness unmanifest (noumenon or Soul – Source) do not exit in the world of duality, since I am not an object – and therefore in the deepest sense of the: “Who am I?” –  the answer is simply: “I AM”, and this realization cannot reveal the subject that remains unmanifest, and because "I" cannot be an object and yet, I know that " I AM"…. How? Because I express the unmanifest through the thinking and feeling processes…and by doing so, become an object…Therefore, I come to the realization that both aspects of being need each other and they are at a certain level of the awakening process seen as one…. They are complementary….the two opposite and yet complementary polarities that sustain by their difference each other… the unmanifest (I am not an object) with the manifest (I am and become an object all the time to reflect the unknown)… just like day and night… two aspects of ONE …part of the Source of Consciousness, which is the noumenon. We are both subject and object, alternatively in duality, simultaneously, fused, in wholeness and pure Consciousness.

If Being or Consciousness is the real subject, and everything, including myself is object, then I am object, and subject only in so far as I am Being, like everything else. But Being or Consciousness is also an object and is not. As we said the reason is that seen from the world of duality it becomes an object…projecting itself through the expressions of our psyche and subjectivity, but beyond it…it is NOT and can never be apprehended as an object…

So, what becomes clear (I hope) is the fact that everything that sentient beings think and feel are projections in duality of their own subjectivity… the source is unique and it is the universal and cosmic Consciousness, the noumenon…the One… call it with whatever word you prefer… I call it sometimes Consciousness…Being… the Presence…God, etc… Subjectivity is a reflection of this unique Source the noumenon and in man it is the thinking process in duality…and everything that we imagine, create, think, feel, compare, foresee, etc… are based on personal experiences, which are later developed into concepts… and on their turn, concepts unfold new discoveries which unveil “new” ways of seeing the world – followed by new creations and new concepts… and, this is the "game" of life... the world goes round and round…creating to destroy - and destroying to create anew…all having their source in the thinking process…which is pure Consciousness. Hence, every aspect of a human being changes, from birth to death, the thinking process in him unfolds according to his needs and the inner "programming" or "software" implanted in his psyche. And by this creating and destroying process, each human being realizes that without this law of nature, he would never be able to know and express himself in the world - never understand that he is an expression of pure Consciousness - the Source of Being and further more, Know that it is the thinking process and not the "thinker" that unfolds wisdom in him.


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