Who is the Seeker of Truth?


Ever since a baby is born and seeks its mother's breast intuitively, life is nothing but seeking — but this is done instinctively, automatically, without the need of thoughts. Hence the question arises – Who is the seeker? Am I in control of my seeking? If seeking is a natural process belonging to nature, could we then say that maybe “I think that I am the seeker, but the truth is that I am not the seeker” - Then, if I am not the Seeker, who is? The answer could be that in reality there is no seeker as such, but instead an impulsive, in-built need to seek something that has been programmed within me. Something within the ego (me) pushes my thought and emotional processes to seek whatever is written in the programming of my Psyche – However, I think that I want to seek something, when in reality it is the impulse within that pushes me to act. An analogy could be helpful here: if we take a computer for example, we know that for it to function it needs to have inbuilt special computer programs. In the same manner, we have as human being an innate, engrained program with which we are born and which  I have previously called our natural "blue print" or the "Perfect Model". To make it sound more mystical and nearer to the truth, I have always called this programming  with the name of - the Psyche. Each human being has of course a Psyche, which has been programmed before incarnation. Therefore the seeking in human beings depends on the programming, over which, we as human beings have no control. Let us take some examples. There are some people who consider themselves seekers of money. Some seek fame. Some seek power. And some seek among other things to known themselves and to know God. This kind of seeking, let's call it spiritual seeking, or seeking Absolute Being or God, and seeking freedom from the ego — what we call it is immaterial — is happening to everyone through the impulses coming from their Psyche, which bridges and links the Unlimited aspect of Consciousness which is Absolute and Infinite to its “shadow” or limited and subjective aspect that is anchored and engrained in every human being, because each person’s Psyche has been programmed before birth for a certain kind of seeking to happen.

 Therefore spiritual seeking begins with an individual ego — seeker — seeking enlightenment, or Self-realization, as an object, which will give him or her more pleasure than he or she can ever imagine getting from the material world. That is where it starts. The seeking by the ego for enlightenment can end not with intellectual understanding but only with the absolute understanding intuited in the heart that there never was a seeker, a doer—there never was a seeker for any seeking. There is seeking but no individual seeker. There is doing but no individual doer thereof. That is the end of it! And the end of the seeking can be brought about only by that Power which started the seeking. In other words by the grace of God or Absolute Being

Inspired by Ramesh Balsekar - Ramana Maharshi and Wei Wu Wei whose books have been of great importance in my life...My greatest wish is that they can transform yours as well.





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